Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Rights Group: Rohingya Muslims subjected to systematic massacre, rape in Myanmar
An international group of medical experts says evidence collected from Rohingya Muslims' accounts proves that the highly-persecuted minority is subjected to systematic massacre and rape in Myanmar.
2018/7/21 - 17:00
Myanmar radical monks vow to continue Facebook hate campaign against Rohingya
Radical Buddhist monks in Myanmar have declared their intent to dodge Facebook bans on spreading hate messages against Rohingya Muslims, insisting that they will continue using the social media outlet to “tell the truth.”
2018/6/9 - 15:00
Rohingya Muslims face difficult Ramadan in refugee camps
The ۱۲-year-old Rohingya refugee dreamed of Ramadan back in his own village - fish to break the day's fast, gifts from his family and relaxing beneath the trees before evening prayers at the mosque.
2018/5/16 - 16:04
UNSC overwhelmed by suffering at Rohingya camps
Members of the UN Security Council (UNSC) expressed dismay at the "overwhelming" suffering they encountered in the refugee camps in Bangladesh, home to hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar. // "The number of heavily traumatized women, men and children is beyond comprehension."
2018/4/30 - 17:00
UN reports Myanmar government's destruction of Rohingya Muslims
Special Advisor for Prevention of Genocide at United Nations (UN) has announced receiving evidence on efforts by Myanmar government to destroy Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State. "I am becoming more convinced that crimes committed ... bear the hallmarks of genocide, and call in the strongest terms for accountability."
2018/3/14 - 16:30
UN slams Facebook for allowing hate material agst. Rohingya in Myanmar
United Nations(UN) human rights experts have slammed the online social media platform Facebook for allowing the incitement of violence against Rohingya Muslims in the Buddhists-majority country of Myanmar.
2018/3/14 - 02:00
Nobel laureates, EU warned Suu Kyi to stop anti-Rohingya Muslims violence
Three Nobel Peace Prize winners urged fellow laureate Aung San Suu Kyi to speak out about violence against the Rohingya minority, warning she otherwise risks prosecution for "genocide". Meanwhile, EU countries demanded sanctions against senior Myanmar military officers over "serious and systematic" rights abuses against the country's Muslim minority.
2018/2/27 - 17:36
Myanmar denies report of mass graves in Rakhine
Myanmar denied a report documenting at least five mass graves containing Rohingya Muslim killed by the military, saying that only "terrorists" were killed.
2018/2/3 - 16:50
Evidence of Rohingya mass graves uncovered in Myanmar
Scores of Rohingya Muslim villagers in Myanmar have been massacred and buried in five mass graves, according to an exclusive investigation.
2018/2/1 - 21:15
UNICEF: Returning to Myanmar is not safe for Rohingya Muslims
Attacks on Rohingya Muslims appear to be continuing in Myanmar and it is not yet safe for the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees living in Bangladesh to begin returning to their homes, a high-ranking United Nations official said.
2018/1/26 - 02:00