Tuesday, February 19, 2019
۱۰ far right suspects arrested in France over plan to attack Muslims
Ten people with links to the radical farright have been arrested by anti-terrorist police in France over an alleged plot to attack Muslims, judicial sources said Sunday.
2018/6/25 - 16:30
Interview with Professor Robert Gleave from UK;
Danger of Salafi and far-right extremism in the Europe
In an interview with Hawzah News, Professor Robert Gleave, Director of the Centre for the Study of Islam at University of Exeter in the UK explained his views on extremism and the place of real Islam in Europe.
2018/2/8 - 07:42
German Police Search Homes in Crackdown on Far-right Group
About ۲۰۰ German police searched a dozen homes in six states as part of an investigation into a far-right extremist group suspected of planning armed attacks against police, Jews and asylum seekers, the chief prosecutor's office said.
2017/1/25 - 23:39