Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Muhammad ۱۰th popular name for baby boys in England, Wales
Muhammad has become one of the most used named for new born babies in the UK, a new report shows.
2018/9/24 - 23:30
Britain jails for life teenager over plots, links to ISIS
British authorities have handed a life sentence to a teenager over links to the Daesh (or ISIS) terrorist group and plots to carry out attacks in the capital London.
2018/8/4 - 21:18
Report finds UK’s anti terror strategy causes fears among Muslims
The UK’s anti-terror policy known as the “Prevent Strategy” has caused “persecution fears” among British Muslims, a new report has found.
2018/8/2 - 04:00
Activists stage anti-Saudi protest in London as Qatari emir arrives for talks
As the Qatari emir visits the UK, a group of activists have staged a protest rally to condemn the Saudi-led blockade of Qatar as well as the Riyadh regime’s deadly war against impoverished Yemen.
2018/7/24 - 21:31
Expert: Spike in UK Islamophobia due to ignorance of Islam, Saudi-inspired terror
The high level of anti-Muslim attacks in the UK largely stems from Briton's ignorance of Islam, as well as Saudi Arabia's spread of hate and terror through Wahhabism, an expert says.
2018/7/23 - 17:00
Council in UK bans unstunned halal meat for schools
Lancashire council in the UK has voted to stop supplying schools with halal meat from animals killed without being stunned, in a move described as “discriminatory and Islamophobic” by Muslim leaders.
2018/7/14 - 19:45
Watchdog: UK ignored suspicious arms flow to Saudi Arabia
An arms sales watchdog accuses the UK of refusing to act in time to prevent a huge and highly-suspicious Saudi-bound ammunition consignment.
2018/6/10 - 21:30
Uk far-right clash with police at Anti-Islam London rally
Thousands of far-right protesters clashed with police in London, following a violent demonstration in support of Tommy Robinson, the jailed founder of the anti-Islam English Defence League (EDL).
2018/6/10 - 17:39
Head of lineage of Sadat Research Center:
Genealogy of Queen Elizabeth claiming her as a child of Prophet Muhammad, silly forgery
Head of lineage of Sadat research center condemned the recent conspiracy of some British media claiming that the Queen of England is related to Prophet Muhammad (as).
2018/4/16 - 21:30
People urged 'love a Muslim day' in UK
People have responded to letters calling for April ۳ to be "Punish a Muslim Day" with pledges to protect and show solidarity with Muslims.
2018/4/4 - 19:30