Monday, April 22, 2019
Israeli soldier walks free from killing and wounding Palestinian
The Israeli soldier who was convicted of murder for brutally killing a wounded Palestinian man has been released from prison after serving a lenient nine-month jail term.
2018/5/8 - 19:00
Eyewitness who filmed Israeli soldier crime, fears for his life
Palestinian activist who filmed “extrajudicial execution” of injured man by an Israeli soldier in Al-Khalil last March, said he “feared for his life” after the Israeli soldier was found guilty. Abu Shamsiyya added that Israeli forces surrounded his house on Wednesday and prevented reporters and other people from accessing the home during the court hearing.
2017/1/5 - 10:24
Palestinian Foreign Ministry:
Process of Israeli soldier’s Conviction was a “show trial”
After an Israeli soldier was found guilty of manslaughter for the execution-style killing of a Palestinian, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry called the case a “show trial,”
2017/1/4 - 18:17