Friday, July 19, 2019
Beautification is coming to the Greater Lafayette Islamic Center
Mosque members in Lafayette, Louisiana are working to change views on Muslim community
2019/4/15 - 10:00
Visit a mosque day takes place in Birmingham this weekend
Mosques across Birmingham and the Black Country are inviting people to call in this weekend as part of a special open day.
2019/3/2 - 22:06
Belgium bans halal and kosher meat, stirring controversy
The proposed ban on halal and kosher meats have come into effect in Belgium's northern Flanders region, stirring controversy among the country's Jewish and Muslim communities.
2019/1/1 - 22:05
Foundation builds ۳۰ new mosques in Uganda cities
Good Hope Foundation, a faith-based NGO, constructed ۳۰ mosques for Muslims in Kibuku and Pallisa districts in Uganda.
2018/10/9 - 16:00
Danish minister under fire for calling fasting Muslims ‘danger’
A Danish government minister has sparked backlash among Muslim communities, unions, and refugee advocates after calling fasting Muslims a “danger” to the society and urging them to take time off work during the month of Ramadan.
2018/5/23 - 14:47
Cleric: Hajj, manifest of unity, support among Muslims
Iranian cleric criticized Saudi Arabia over weak management of Hajj and its failing to fulfill its mission in holding the annual Islamic ceremony.
2017/8/26 - 13:12
Muslims in Britain; a Most Diverse Community
Britain is home to one of the most diverse Muslim communities in the world.
2017/5/29 - 16:40