Wednesday, June 26, 2019
New Muslim Mosque & Islamic center rising in Woodland
The new facility is needed to accommodate the city’s growing Muslim population and has been years in planning.
2019/5/11 - 12:30
New mosque and community center for Timaru in the works
The Timaru Muslim Educational Trust has entered into a contract to buy the Sacred Heart Parish Center for $۴۲۵,۰۰۰, it says.
2019/4/23 - 11:30
Islamic Imams consider building Symbolic new mosque in Barcelona
Imams of Europe and Asia have decided to study the suitability of building a great mosque in Barcelona.
2018/10/11 - 12:00
British Faith Minister suggests school Mosque trips
The Faith Minister of the UK, Lord Bourne, told The Times in an interview on September ۱۷ that he encourages more schools to take the pupils and their families on trips to mosques to stamp out Islamophobia among parents.
2018/9/18 - 21:34
North London Islamic center eyes expansion
Expansion plans for an Islamic cultural center will allow it to improve the services it provides for youngsters.
2018/8/9 - 12:30
Ayat. Arafi:
Seminaries must prepare a comprehensive plan on population issue
“The new wave of population growth in Iran could be effective in other countries as well since it can start a movement in the Muslim world in terms of family planning policies,” .
2017/1/12 - 18:06