Monday, January 21, 2019
Video of an interesting prayer room in a Japanese mall
Many people think Japan doesn’t allow Muslims. This is wrong. Take a look at this prayer room in a Japanese shopping Mall!
2018/7/1 - 08:59
Muslim prayer rooms opened in a Tai resort
The Alishan National Forest Recreation Area in Taiwan opened its first prayer rooms for Muslim visitors to the mountain resort area in Chiayi County.
2017/11/11 - 21:00
Muslim students protest over university's plans to limit prayer space
The Newcastle University's Islamic Society held an outside public prayer session to protest against plans to turn the space into a multi-faith room.
2017/10/23 - 21:10
USM adds prayer room facility for Muslim students
The University of Southern Maine (USM) is adding a new prayer room to better accommodate Muslim students and students of other faiths. Construction will be completed by late October or early November
2017/10/18 - 10:10
Grand Ayatollah Mousa Shubairi Zanjani answers;
Can someone who has not performed missed Dawn Salaat, perform Noon Salaat?
Grand Ayatollah Mousa Shubairi Zanjani answered a question about performing Noon Salaat before performing missed Dawn Salaat.
2017/3/24 - 16:30
Prayer room for Muslim students in McMurry University, Texas
McMurry University in Abilene city of Texas grants a prayer room for Muslim students.
2017/1/18 - 09:54
Prayer room opened in main prison in Hanover, Germany
A prayer room has been launched in the main prison in Hanover, Germany to serve Muslim inmates. According to prison officials, the city’s Muslim community has cooperated in opening the facility.
2016/12/25 - 23:58
University Of Maryland Students Demand Muslim Prayer Rooms
Students at University for Maryland had almost ۷۰ demands including making Muslim prayer rooms in each major building.
2016/12/24 - 10:56
Oklahoma Univ. Accommodates Muslim Prayer
After request of Muslim Student Association for having a place to pray, The University of Oklahoma assigned a room in library for Islamic prayer.
2016/12/7 - 09:27