Saturday, February 24, 2018
Ayat. Hakim receives Al-Azhar Scholars
Senior Iraqi cleric received a seminary delegation from Egypt's Al-Azhar University in his office in Najaf on Tuesday, January ۳۰.
2018/1/30 - 14:35
Iranian Cleric:
Islamic unity 'Foundation of Iran's Islamic Revolution'
"In the present era, the most urgent issue in the Islamic world which needs to be addressed is the establishment of a united Islamic community based on Quranic principles," said Member of Iran's Assembly of Experts. ."
2017/7/25 - 11:22
Hujjat al-Islam Muhammadi:
"Shia-Sunni unity in Iran disappoints enemies"
"Late Imam Khomeini (ra) was always concerned with the issue of Islamic unity and he used to advise Shia and Sunni Muslims to stand together," said the member of the Iranian Assembly of Experts.// "The unity of Shia and Sunni Muslims in Iran is very strong."
2017/7/18 - 15:37
Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi:
"Enemies sowing discord in Islamic world"
"There are always some hypocrites who wish to undermine Islam in a bid to serve their own worldly interests such as keeping themselves in power; in fact, Islam or infidelity are the same to these hypocrites, however, the vast majority of Muslims in the world do not hold such beliefs and truly support dignity of Islam," said a senior Iranian cleric.
2017/7/15 - 12:41
Shia Cleric:
"Late Ayat. Boroujerdi emphasized Islamic unity"
"In terms of international affairs, late Ayatollah Boroujerdi always sought strengthening unity among all Islamic sects and preserving Muslims’ dignity," said a senior Shia scholar,
2017/7/7 - 11:42
Senior Cleric urges Islamic Unity
"We must work hard to guide the Muslim community toward reaching unity and solidarity since this is the very foundation of our community; "
2017/5/22 - 01:36
Grand Ayat. Bashir Al-Najafi: Unity, Key to save Iraq
Coinciding with the celebrations to mark Imam Ali's (as) birth anniversary, groups of Iraqi people met with Grand Ayatollah Bashir al-Najafi.
2017/4/13 - 11:36
Ayat. Araki: Global Unity ‘Basis of Religious Approximation’
The senior cleric emphasized the role of global unity as the basis of any efforts in order to reach religious approximation and said, “We must come up with appropriate ways to promote Ahl-ul-Bayt’s (as) teachings so we can play an influential role in bringing about Islamic unity.”
2017/2/23 - 19:02
Custodian of Imam al-Ridha (as) Shrine:
Unity, the Basic Strategy of Muslim World
Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, pointing out that the unity of Muslims is a basic strategy for the Islamic Nations said, “Today all lecturers and authors must seek to strengthen the unity of Muslims and beware of dissentient affairs against this principle.”
2016/12/20 - 16:45
Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools:
“Unity, Shapes the Identity of Islamic Society”
Secretary General of WFPIST, at the closing session of the Forum “Imam al-Ridha (A.S.), Key of Unity and Coalition of Islamic Nation” said: “Unity shapes the identity of Islamic society and plays a major role in this field.”
2016/12/17 - 14:48