Sunday, July 21, 2019
Aussie senator who blamed Muslims after Mosque massacre loses election
The right-wing Australian senator who said Muslims were the "real cause of bloodshed" after the New Zealand's Christchurch mosque shootings in which ۵۱ were killed, lost his seat in the elections."
2019/5/20 - 12:30
Senate censures Fraser Anning over 'shameful' Christchurch mosque attack comments
A censure motion against Independent senator Fraser Anning has passed the Senate without a single vote against it.
2019/4/3 - 15:52
Australian man drives car into mosque, shouting offensive words
Police have arrested a man after he drove his car into the gates of a place of worship at Baitul Masroor Mosque.
2019/3/17 - 09:20
New leads in Queensland mosque arson attacks
NEW information given to police investigating two unsolved arson attacks at the Toowoomba mosque in ۲۰۱۵ suggest the same person is responsible for the crimes.
2018/10/23 - 07:41
Mosque in Queensland hold open house during Ramadan
Open house held by Islamic Society of Greater Springfield for the community to learn about Muslims in holy month of fasting, known as Ramadan.
2017/6/19 - 13:10
Queensland Church Shares Prayer Space with Muslims
A local church in a Queensland, Australia mining town of Mount Isa has offered space in its parish building to the local Islamic community for use as a prayer room, becoming a symbol of religious unity where Muslims and Catholics pray just meters apart.
2016/11/7 - 13:19