Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Ayat. Modarresi: Future of Yemen decided through negotiations, elections
“The future of Yemen and its progress will be decided through holding legitimate elections in the country not by guns and shooting bullets.” said Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Taqi Modarresi.
2018/2/3 - 11:23
Al-Azhar scholars met with Custodian of Imam Hussein Shrine
A group of scholars from Al-Azhar University met with Sheikh Mahdi al-Karbalayi, custodian of Imam Hussain (as) shrine in the city of Karbala on Tuesday, January ۳۰.
2018/1/31 - 11:19
Ammar al-Hakim: Upcoming elections significant for future of Iraq
"This election must be held at the specified time since it's a very significant one for the future of Iraq. This election will boost democracy and stability of Iraq in coming years." said Ammar al-Hakim.
2018/1/21 - 11:19
Iraqi cleric urges defining road map for Iraq's progress
"I ask the religious scholars and political parties to make serious efforts in order to unite Iraqi people and lead the country toward a brighter future." said the senior cleric. Ayatollah Modarresi also expressed happiness over Iraqi Kurdistan issue.
2018/1/20 - 11:52
Ayat. Bashir al-Najafi hails Iraqi Popular Mobilization forces
"The threats in Iraq are not over yet"
Senior Shia cleric said, "You stayed true to your promise to defend genuine Islam. You resemble Imam Hussain's (as) companions on the Day of Ashura who sacrificed their lives for Islam and their Imam. / There are some hypocrites in disguise who pose a much greater threat to Iraq than ISIS terrorists do.
2017/12/26 - 16:50
Secretary Gen. of Iraq's Hezbollah:
Clerics must offer new dialogue to influence the youth
"In order to unify Islamic seminaries and universities, these two organizations must approximate their epistemological and cultural views. The Islamic seminary and universities must share similar socio-political concerns in present era. " said Hujjat al-Islam al-Heidari in Mashhad.
2017/12/19 - 10:35
Senior Iraqi Cleric: National Unity, Iraq's red line
"The national unity of Iraq is our red line which must never be overlooked. Iraq belongs to all Iraqi people and they all share this country. No citizen's right should be denied in Iraq," the senior cleric added.
2017/12/4 - 17:21
Senior Shia Cleric urges reviving Imam Hussain's (as) teachings
The Shia source of emulation advised the Iranian pilgrims to promote Imam Hussain's (as) teachings since it is a great way to restore Islamic values and its genuine principles in the society.
2017/10/30 - 10:55
Ayat. Modarresi invites Kurdish people to attend Arbaeen pilgrimage
The Shia cleric asked Iraq’s central government and the Kurdish officials to engage in serious negotiations to bridge the gap after recent Iraqi Kurdistan referendum for independence. "We must seize Arbaeen pilgrimage as an opportunity to improve the unity and integrity within Iraq and among different ethnic groups."
2017/10/28 - 18:22
Ayat. Makarem warns Iraqi nation, politicians to stand united
"Saudi Arabia is sponsoring ISIS (or Daesh) terrorists in your country, they advocate the secession of Iraqi Kurdistan region, how can some Iraqi figures shake hands with them? Iraqi nation and authorities need to stand united until they reach the final victory," said the senior Shia cleric.
2017/10/25 - 11:07