Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Breach of Promise (part ۳)
The success of human societies is totally dependent upon the unity of its members.
2018/3/13 - 13:55
Social life
Breach of Promise (part ۲)
Interpersonal relations would not become stable, nor would trust become manifested in any society unless everyone gave as much importance to their verbal commitments as he did to his official and legal contracts.
2018/3/7 - 10:30
Social life
Breach of Promise (part ۱)
Man comes to realize his responsibilities only when he reaches the stage of distinguishing between right and wrong.
2018/3/5 - 10:30
Social life
Anger (part۳)
“Avoid anger for it brings about reprehension.”
2018/2/26 - 10:10
Social life
Anger (part۲)
A psychological state which leads one’s nature to divert from its natural path is anger.
2018/2/5 - 16:30
Social life
Anger (part ۱)
if the light of reason shines on our feelings' hemisphere it is then guaranteed that the rays of happiness will illuminate the heavens of our live.
2018/1/23 - 08:30
Social life
Enmity and Hatred (part۳)
The lives of religious leaders are lessons of honor, nobility, forgiveness and humanness.
2018/1/18 - 13:30
Social life
Enmity and Hatred (part ۲)
Hatred stems from the power of anger and destroys man's spiritual balance.
2018/1/6 - 08:15
Social life
Enmity and Hatred (part۱)
One of our basic duties in the field of relation to others is to be able to forgive the mistakes of others.
2017/12/30 - 08:40
Social life
Oppression (part ۳) The role of religion in fighting oppression and the oppressors
The Divine ambassadors are the true establishers of justice in society. "And that when you judge between people you judge with justice." (The Holy Qur’an, ۴:۵۸)
2017/12/16 - 09:15