Sunday, April 30, 2017
Grand Ayat. Makarem Shirazi:
"Muslims stay vigilant, avoid secterian measures"
A Shia source of emulation said Muslims stay vigilant, avoid secterian measures. We also condemn every measure that results in division and discord within Muslim community.
2017/4/18 - 10:50
Dean of Kurdistan University of Islamic Sects:
"Ignorance, root of Islamic world’s problems"
A delegation of university professors, students as well as Sunni clerics from Tanzania visited the University of Islamic sects in Iran’s Kurdistan province.
2017/4/15 - 20:55
Grand Ayat. Bashir Al-Najafi: Unity, Key to save Iraq
Coinciding with the celebrations to mark Imam Ali's (as) birth anniversary, groups of Iraqi people met with Grand Ayatollah Bashir al-Najafi.
2017/4/13 - 11:36
Ayatollah Khamenei:
Imam Ali (as) is the symbol of unity among Muslims
“In an era which is characterized by lack of unity among Muslims, the Commander of the Faithful (as) can serve as the symbol of this unity. He can serve as a common point which all Muslims recognize. No particular group of Muslims can claim that the commander of the Faithful (as) belongs to them. “.
2017/4/12 - 17:44
Grand Ayat. Sistani’s Representative:
Close ties between Shia, Sunni Muslims in Iraq
“Cooperation and meeting between Shia and Sunni Muslims is considered as a rewarding act, therefore, it is praiseworthy to increase such cooperation between Islamic institutes and Holy shrines in Iraq as well.” said Hujjat al-Islam Shahrestani.
2017/3/12 - 18:17
Message of Peaceful Coexistence Sent To West Asia
In line with directives of the custodian of the Imam Husain (as) Holy Shrine, the Quran House of Holy Shrine along with Sunni Muslim religious scholars paid a visit to the Indonesian Embassy in Iraq.
2017/3/4 - 11:12
Iranian Cleric urges Sunni, Shia Scholars’ unity to uproot ISIS Ideology
Hujjat al-Islam Yaqoubi stressed that Takfirism is the greatest threat against Islam and Muslims urging Sunni and Shia scholars to unite in their fight against takfiri terrorists.
2017/2/25 - 08:37
Grand Ayat. Noori Hamedani:
“Enemies are out to cause discord within Muslim Ummah”
"The enemies’ major plot is to cause discord and division within the Muslim community, all Muslims must unite in their resolve in order to establish a complete Islamic body." said Ayatollah Noori.
2017/2/21 - 12:28
Grand Ayat. Makarem Shirazi receives Sunni Scholars from Hormozgan Province;
"Teach the Youth according to Islamic Values"
The Grand Ayatollah urged Shia and Sunni scholars to make efforts in order to raise public awareness in the face of major potential threats of Cyberspace imposed on the younger generations.
2017/2/20 - 23:25