Monday, January 22, 2018
Ayat. Araki invites African scholars to hold Islamic Unity Conference
Chairman of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought Ayatollah Mohsen Araki asked African scholars to hold Islamic Unity Conference.
2018/1/4 - 11:20
Hujjat al-Islam Husseini Shahroudi:
"Trump's al-Quds move unified Muslim community"
The representative of Iran's Supreme Leader in Kurdistan province said, "Quran is a divine book that addresses current issues which are happening worldwide."// "Trump's recent moves caused the Islamic countries to become united."
2017/12/18 - 11:01
"Iraqi Kurdistan independence serves imperialist powers"
"The Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum is a plot devised by the imperialist powers to undermine the unity of Islamic world." said Hujjat al-Islam Farrokhfal.
2017/9/27 - 16:50
Shia Sunni participation in Hajj unveils hostile intrigues
Top manager in Iran’s western Azerbaijan Province said participation of Shia Sunni Muslims in Abrahamic Hajj is a kind of unveiling the hostile intrigues against Islam.
2017/8/30 - 14:06
Sunni Scholars visit Lady Masuma Shrine in Qom
A delegation of Sunni scholars from the Iranian province of Kurdistan paid a visit to some religious centers in Qom including Lady Masuma (sa) Holy shrine and discussed issues related to Islamic unity.
2017/8/29 - 11:48
Ayatollah Makarem issues statement on 'Ghadir Ten Days'
"I hope the adherents of Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali (as) avoid sectarianism and abide by moral virtues while perfuming Ghadir celebrations. " read the statement.
2017/8/27 - 11:32
Ayat. Alavi Boroujerdi:
"Wahhabism has nothing to do with Sunni Islam"
"We hope that all divine religions join their efforts to spread peace worldwide, to help eradicate poverty, hunger, oppression and discrimination all around the world." // "We consider Wahhabism as a major threat to the Islamic world; dirty hands of the enemy are at play to sow discord among Islamic sects," said the seminary lecturer.
2017/8/24 - 12:50
Iraqi Cleric urges Islamic Countries to develop ties
An Iraqi Shia source of emulation Grand Ayatollah Bashir al-Najafi received the Pakistani ambassador to Iraq Sheikh Mazhar Nazir on Friday; during the meeting the Iraqi cleric urged Islamic countries to boost ties.
2017/8/19 - 18:55
Senior Iraqi cleric:
Iraq to serve as the center of Shia cooperation worldwide
In his weekly statement, Senior Iraqi cleric asked Iraqi citizens to serve as the axis of cooperation among regional states; he also pointed out that the city of Tal Afar is an oppressed one and will soon be liberated from terrorists.
2017/8/19 - 11:13