Saturday, July 20, 2019
Austrian lawmaker wears headscarf in protest at hijab ban
An Austrian independent MP expressed her opposition to the Hijab ban by covering her Hair during her speaking in a general meeting.
2019/5/19 - 08:13
Geneva: Muslim Councillor 'forced to sit out council meeting because of headscarf'
Under the new law elected representatives in Geneva are banned from displaying religious symbols including headscarves when taking part in plenary council sessions or during other official acts when they are in public view.
2019/3/14 - 12:15
French mayor kicks Turkish woman out from Christmas market over headscarf
A Turkish-French woman was kicked out from her Christmas market stall by Mayor of Saint-Gratien in northern France's Val-d'Oise region, local media reported on Saturday.
2018/12/22 - 19:53
German girls volunteer to wear Islamic headscarves in school ‘discrimination experiment’
Six non-Muslim German girls volunteered for a “discrimination experiment” at their school to test whether they felt discriminated against for wearing an Islamic headscarf.
2018/11/21 - 19:30
Banning headscarf-wearing Nigerian girls from school amounts to 'religious bigotry,' Muslim body says
Shutting out Muslim girls from school for wearing headscarves amounts to unacceptable religious bigotry and a violation of the Constitution, Nigeria's apex Muslim body said on Saturday, a day after nine pupils were told to leave a school in the southwest Oyo State.
2018/11/18 - 13:07
Muslims in UK concerned over schools’ Hijab inspection
A leading British Muslim group has voiced concerns over school inspecting authority, Ofsted, plans to question young Muslim girls on hijab, saying the proposal challenges the British values of religious freedom.
2017/11/20 - 18:30