Thursday, March 21, 2019
Muslim girls empowerment organization holds poetry workshop
Stories play essential roles in a young person’s development and expressive abilities.
2019/3/6 - 11:05
Muslim women criticize anti-hijab policy in schools
AL-mu’minaat Organisation (The Believing Women) has called on government at all levels to direct all its agencies and departments to stop unwarranted discrimination against Muslim girls in hijab.
2019/1/31 - 19:30
Banning headscarf-wearing Nigerian girls from school amounts to 'religious bigotry,' Muslim body says
Shutting out Muslim girls from school for wearing headscarves amounts to unacceptable religious bigotry and a violation of the Constitution, Nigeria's apex Muslim body said on Saturday, a day after nine pupils were told to leave a school in the southwest Oyo State.
2018/11/18 - 13:07
Austrian policeman accused of making racist, Islamophobic remark at Muslim girls
A police officer in Austria is being accused of making a racist remark towards a group of young Austrian Muslim girls.
2018/11/6 - 16:00
Muslims in UK concerned over schools’ Hijab inspection
A leading British Muslim group has voiced concerns over school inspecting authority, Ofsted, plans to question young Muslim girls on hijab, saying the proposal challenges the British values of religious freedom.
2017/11/20 - 18:30
Activist: Islamophobic agenda at play in ECHR swimming rule
A ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that Muslim girls must take part in mixed school swimming classes has raised a lot of controversy. The ECHR accepted that the refusal by Swiss authorities to excuse children from compulsory swimming lessons interfered with their religious beliefs, but still ruled that it was justifiable on the basis of protecting children from social exclusion. This came after a Turkish-Swiss couple requested that their daughters be exempted from such activities.
2017/1/11 - 18:48
Israel court sentences Palestinian girl to ۸ ½ years in prison
An Israeli court has sentenced a Palestinian teenage girl to eight and a half years in prison on charges of attempts to carry out an alleged stabbing attack in the occupied East Jerusalem al-Quds in October ۲۰۱۵. Bakir needs follow-up treatment and medical care as bullets have smashed bones in her hand. She is also in need of a muscle transplant.
2017/1/4 - 15:07
German court ruleD:
Mixed swimming classes, a must for Muslim girls
Constitutional judges say schoolgirl cannot be excused mixed classes on grounds of Islamic dress codes. The girl had argued before lower courts that swimming in a burkini revealed the shape of her body, something that goes against her religion.
2016/12/8 - 11:49
Israeli forces kill Palestinian girl in West Bank
Israeli forces have shot and killed a Palestinian girl in the occupied West Bank, claiming she had attempted a stabbing attack.
2016/10/19 - 17:01
Kyrgyz Beauty Queen Dons Hijab
A Kyrgyz beauty queen has posted pictures of her new look on social media. She added that she was happy, urging her followers to support her decision.
2016/10/6 - 08:21