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2018/9/29 - 12:06
Iranians observe anniversary of Imam Hussein’s martyrdom with mourning rituals
Millions of Iranians hold mourning processions across the country on Ashura, which marks the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (A.S), the third Shia Imam.
2018/9/20 - 19:30
۶th annual Ashura procession: March for Justice
The end: Hussein will remain the lighthouse of the revolutionaries and the right direction of the lovers and will continue to appeal over the years. Labayka Sayedi Hussein
2018/9/18 - 14:30
Quotes from prominent world figures about Imam Hussain (a.s.) part ۲
Maurice Dekobra: If our historians knew the truth about Ashura …
2018/9/16 - 20:20
Head of virtual advertising agency in Islamic Propagation Office informed:
The fifth virtual elegy of ‘Balagh’ to be held online
The fifth virtual elegy 'Balagh' (Propagation), on the occasion of Muharram ۱۴۴۰ AH, with a slogan of "The path to the Hossein revolution is a code of survival of the Islamic revolution" to be held online.
2018/9/11 - 13:51
The propagators of the month of Muharram in an interview with Hawzah News Agency:
​Combination of Hosseini's passion and intelligence, the important mission of the first decade of the preachers and speakers in Muharram
Several propagators of Muharram emphasized the necessity of integrating Hosseini's passion and intelligence the important mission, proclaimed by preachers and speakers, as well as the Ahl al-Bayt (A.S) Maddahan ‘eulogists’ during the Muharram mourning days.
2018/9/10 - 12:58
Arbaeen international exhibition to be held in Netherlands
The Arbaeen Association of Europe plans to hold the first international photo and film exhibition on Arbaeen in Leiden, the Netherlands.
2018/3/1 - 03:00
Heroic Manifestations of Ashura)part۱)
Imam Husayn's refusal to accept the tyrant Yazid's allegiance triggered the Battle of Karbala on the Day of Ashura.
2017/10/29 - 21:55
Thousands of Imam Hussain mourners "March for Justice" in Dearborn, USA
Thousands of Muslims took part in the Ashura procession, titled "March for Justice" that was meant to follow in the footsteps of Imam Hussain (AS) as a way of publicly expressing opposition to oppression in any way it presents itself.
2017/10/13 - 10:15
Senior Iraqi Cleric highlights Ashura Lessons
“We must continue to be steadfast on this path even though Islam’s adversaries are out to undermine our strength.” said Grand Ayatollah al-Najafi.
2017/10/3 - 13:30