Monday, July 16, 2018
Iran's Noor group to hold Quranic programs in Hajj
Iran's Quranic Noor (light) Quranic Convoy that will be sent to Saudi Arabia next month will hold various Quranic programs during Hajj.
2018/7/12 - 07:04
Visually-impaired German girl looking to memorize entire Quran
A visually-impaired German girl who has learned to read the Quran seeks to memorize the entire Holy Book.
2018/7/10 - 23:30
Egypt’s Al-Azhar holding educational course for female Quran memorizers
The Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo, Egypt, is hosting an educational course organized for female Quran memorizers.
2018/7/10 - 22:30
‘History of Quran’ Published in Thai language
A Thai translation of a book titled “The History of Quran” was published in Thailand.
2018/7/5 - 02:30
"University of denominations launched to confront extremism"
The inspiration behind launching University of Islamic Denominations includes confrontation with extremist views to religion, violence, incomplete comprehension of religion and also irrational understanding of religious texts.
2018/7/1 - 14:20
Tunisia coach dismisses criticism for reading Quran at World Cup match
The head coach of Tunisia's football team has responded after facing criticism for reading Quranic verses with players before a game at the World Cup in Russia.
2018/6/24 - 21:00
۱ milion Iranian school students are Quran memorizers
An Iranian Education Ministry official said close to one million school students in the country are memorizers of the Quran.
2018/6/20 - 20:20
Afghan expert hails Iran for organizing Quran contest for visually-impaired
A prominent Afghan Quran expert lauded the Islamic Republic of Iran for organizing an international Quran contest for the visually-impaired.
2018/6/19 - 17:00
Qom Friday Prayer Leader:
Quranic model of confrontation' to enemies
2018/6/19 - 03:30
Prominent Egyptian Quran teacher passes away of heart attack
An eminent Quran teacher in Egypt died yesterday after suffering a heart attack.
2018/6/17 - 21:30