Sunday, February 25, 2018
Mosques in Moroccan town to have braille copies of Quran
All mosques in the city of Tetouan, north of Morocco, will receive copies of the Holy Quran in Braille.
2018/2/25 - 10:10
Malaysia to improve education standards, oversight for Quranic schools
The Malaysian government wants tahfiz schools - where students spend long hours memorizing the content of the Islamic Holy Book - to inject other subjects into their syllabus to allow students to pursue higher education and join the regular workforce.
2018/2/23 - 04:00
New category added to Egypt’s International Quran contest
A new category titled “Quranic Qira’at”, including Quran memorization along with the seven recitation styles of Quran has been added to the international Quran competition in Egypt.
2018/2/20 - 02:00
Religious Institutes’ role in dissemination of Quranic culture seminar held in London
A seminar was recently held in London to investigate the role of religious institutes in the dissemination of Quranic culture.
2018/2/19 - 21:45
Shia Saudi children among top winners in Kuwait Quran contest
Child Quran memorizers from Shia-dominated city of Safwa in Saudi Arabia were among those who managed to win the top ranks in "Al Yasin" Quran competition in Kuwait.
2018/2/11 - 20:00
Quran radio, most common in Morocco
Radio Mohammed VI of the Holy Quran has emerged as the top radio station in Morocco.
2018/2/7 - 23:45
Event in Senegal discusses translation of Quran in French
A forum was held in Senegal to introduce a translation of the Holy Quran into French by an Iranian scholar.
2018/2/5 - 00:00
Takfiri arrested over Quran desecration in Tunisia
Tunisia's ministry said a Takfiri element has been detained in the coastal town of al-Marsa for desecrating Islam's Holy Book.
2018/2/3 - 21:00
۷۰۰ year-old mosque with Quran inscribed on its walls stands in China
The Great Mosque of Xi'an has charmed the Muslim dynasty with honor as much as any other religious heritage- with one being epic calligraphy of entire verses from the Holy Quran.
2018/1/31 - 23:00
Helsinki to host conference on Quran, Islamic tradition
Conference on Quran and Islamic tradition is scheduled to be held in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.
2018/1/30 - 02:00