Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Most Al-Mustafa University students in Lebanon memorizers of Quran
Representative of Al-Mustafa International University in Lebanon said most of the university's students in the Arab country are memorizers of the Holy Quran.
2018/8/29 - 02:00
ARTE to broadcast program on ‘Quran and Jesus’
The “ARTE” Franco-German TV network has produced a seven-episode program titled “The Holy Quran and Jesus Christ (AS)”.
2018/8/27 - 23:00
Prominent Egyptian Qari passes away
Sheikh Mahmoud Ismail Sharif, a renowned Egyptian Quran reciter, died at the age of ۷۵.
2018/8/16 - 16:00
Non-Arab teenage girls who can recite Quran perfectly
Surrounded by girls almost twice her age, Hanan Saleem, ۷, recites the Quran flawlessly.
2018/8/16 - 00:00
Egyptian teacher translates Quran into sign language
An Egyptian teacher and entrepreneur has translated the Quran into Arabic sign language to help the hearing-impaired.
2018/8/12 - 03:00
Large wooden Quran in Indonesia attracts visitors from around world
The world has many giant copies of the Quran, and one of the giant wooden copies can be found in Palembang, the capital of Indonesia’s South Sumatra province.
2018/8/11 - 06:30
Quranic magazine for kids launched in Iran
A Quranic, literary and arts magazine for children was unveiled in a ceremony in Tehran on Tuesday.
2018/8/8 - 22:45
PM :Malaysia committed to becoming model Islamic nation based on Quran, Hadith
Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad reiterated his government’s commitment to empower Islam in the country according to the teachings in the Quran and authentic hadiths.
2018/8/1 - 23:00
New Polish translation of Quran to be released in fall
The Islamic Union of Poland said a new translation of the Quran in the Polish language will be published in the country this fall.
2018/7/30 - 20:20
Quranic course for hearing-impaired women proceeding in Turkey
A Quran reading course has been organized for women with hearing disabilities in the Turkish city of Gaziantep
2018/7/24 - 01:00