Saturday, April 20, 2019
First Muslim women elected to US Congress take oath on holy Quran
The first two Muslim-American women have taken an oath on the holy Quran as they were sworn into the United States Congress in a televised ceremony.
2019/1/4 - 15:24
Qur’an Scholars elevation through international involvement
“The international involvement of Qur’an scholars, in addition to expanding the data and results of Qur’anic research, provides the basis for raising the level of scholars’ knowledge and religion,” said the selectee of the ۱۵th International Congress of Women Qur’an Researcher from Afghanistan.
2018/12/4 - 07:55
In remembrance of Oxford’s first Imam
One of Cambridge Muslim College (CMC)’s most respected supporters, Shaykh Ahmed Bullock, ۹۴, passed away on October ۲۵, the official Facebook page of CMC reported.
2018/11/5 - 00:00
Islam gives message of peace, love, protection
Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith harmony Noor ul Haq Qadri on Saturday said that Pakistan has safe and peaceful policy for the followers of all religions.
2018/10/21 - 10:30
Pakistani capital’s schools start offering Quranic lessons
Schools in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad have started teaching the Holy Quran along with a translation of the text, however, teachers say the government has made poor arrangements with unspecialized and untrained teachers asked to teach, something that has been decried as ‘unprofessional’.
2018/10/15 - 20:20
People stand in queues to buy Quran in Uzbekistan
There have been long queues in bookstores in Uzbekistan for buying a copy of the Quran reprinted for the third time
2018/10/11 - 14:42
Marivan's Friday prayer leader:
​Speculation is a denial of the Holy Quran and Allah Almighty
Marivan's Friday prayer leader said: according to the Prophet's (PBUH), any speculation and storage of goods in the hope of becoming expensive is a denial of the Holy Quran and Allah Almighty.
2018/10/4 - 12:23
Winner of Croatia Quran competition dismisses Israeli official’s message of congratulations
A Palestinian memorizer of the Quran dismissed a message of congratulations from an Israeli official for his recent winning of the top title in Croatia international Quran contest.
2018/10/2 - 00:00
۷۴-Year-old illiterate woman memorizes Quran
An illiterate woman in Jordan has managed to learn the entire Quran by heart.
2018/10/1 - 05:05
Al-Huffaz management promoting Quran literacy in Brunei and beyond
Al-Huffaz Management is a platform of Islamic religious services, and the core activity of the company is to match Quran educators with students who wish to learn Quran. More than ۵۰۰ students from all across Brunei, Australia and the UK have subscribed to the services.
2018/9/23 - 23:00