Saturday, May 25, 2019
Court rules Muslims can build mosque in Indiana
The Indiana Court of Appeals says a Muslim congregation can build the first mosque in Carmel city despite lawsuit.
2019/3/14 - 20:20
Pakistan: Rally to condemn terrorist attack on women Shia congregation
Female students belonging to Imamia Students Organization staged a rally outside Karachi Press Club to protest against targeted terrorist attacks by proscribed ASWJ on innocent Shia mourners including women and children. They also demanded the release of all the innocent Shia Muslims taken into illegal custody by the security officials without any charge.
2016/10/31 - 16:42
Muslim congregation plans $1M mosque in Niagara Falls
Muslims in Pierece Avenue, Niagara Falls, are awaiting approval for their first mosque, a project seen as a force for faith, education, outreach, and community rejuvenation.
2016/9/28 - 09:00