Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Deadly blast hits election rally in Afghanistan's Helmand
A bomb attack at an election rally in southern Afghanistan has claimed the lives of at least eight people and wounded ۱۰ others, local Afghan officials say.
2018/10/9 - 21:00
Twin blasts turn regular Kabul wrestling session into massacre
The wrestling mats were spattered with blood, the sports bags and water bottles still strewn across the floor Thursday, hours after a double bombing ripped through the Maiwand sports club in Kabul, killing at least ۲۶ people.
2018/9/7 - 22:23
۴۸ killed in bomb explosion in Shia neighborhood of Afghan capital
Nearly ۵۰ people have been killed in a bomb attack in front of an educational center in a mainly Shia Muslim area of western Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.
2018/8/16 - 03:00
Shabab militants ‘kill ۵ soldiers’ in Kenya's north
Al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab militants in Kenya have killed at least five soldiers in a roadside bomb attack in the country’s north, a senior government official says.
2018/8/9 - 16:30
Bomb attack kills PTI party politician in northwest Pakistan
A candidate and his driver have been killed in a bomb attack in northwestern Pakistan; just three days before the nation goes to the polls for national elections.
2018/7/22 - 23:00
At least ۱۳ people killed in ISIS bomb attack in Kabul
At least ۱۳ people, including women and children, have lost their lives and dozens more sustained injuries after a member of the Daesh(or ISIS) Takfiri terrorist group detonated an explosive vest outside a government ministry in Afghanistan's capital of Kabul, officials say.
2018/6/11 - 20:36
Bombing kills ۷, injures ۱۶ in north of Iraqi capital
At least seven people have lost their lives and several others sustained injuries in a bomb attack that struck a Shia district of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, officials say. South
2018/5/24 - 15:36
Bomb detonation leaves scores dead and injured in Afghan capital
A bomb attack has left at least ۳۱ people dead and ۵۴ others wounded outside a voter registration center in the Afghan capital, Kabul.
2018/4/22 - 16:30
۵ dead, several injured in a Nigeria mosque bombing
A bomb attack targeting a mosque in northeastern Nigeria has left at least five people dead and several others injured. There has been no claim of responsibility so far.
2017/10/30 - 17:00
UK police arrest another man over London train bomb attack
British police have apprehended another man in connection with the bomb attack on a crowded London underground train.
2017/9/26 - 10:18