Thursday, December 13, 2018
Religious symbols: Montreal urged to pass 'motion of tolerance and inclusion'
Councillor Marvin Rotrand will present a motion affirming that members of the elected body have “the right to wear religious symbols.”
2018/10/21 - 16:00
Montreal anti-racism demonstration draws ۳,۰۰۰ + Pics
Quebec's plan to ban religious symbols amounts to a 'witch hunt,' teacher says
2018/10/8 - 11:00
Canada: Islamic veil allowed in legal hearing
A judge cannot refuse to take testimony from a woman because she is wearing an Islamic veil, a court ruled on Wednesday.
2018/10/5 - 02:00
Hijab wearing student barred from taking exam in Montreal
A Montreal junior college is trying to determine how to accommodate a student who was prevented from taking an exam because she wouldn’t temporarily remove part of her hijab, a school spokeswoman said Monday.
2016/10/5 - 15:21
Peace walk of Muslim community in Montreal
Members of Montreal’s Muslim community took to the streets for a peace walk.
2016/9/27 - 13:24