Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Preston mosque burgled during prayers
Police are appealing for information after a Preston mosque was burgled while worshippers were praying.
2018/10/29 - 16:30
Tehran worshipers demonstrate to condemn Ahvaz attack
Iranian worshipers at the Friday Prayers took part in a rally in Tehran in condemnation of the recent terrorist attack in the country's southwestern city of Ahvaz.
2018/9/28 - 21:00
Video of Imam leading Prayer during Indonesia quake goes viral
A video of an Indonesian imam stoically reciting evening prayers in Bali as a deadly earthquake struck neighbouring Lombok has gone viral on social media, with internet users praising him for his unwavering faith.
2018/8/7 - 17:15
Israeli settlers defile ۳rd holiest site in Islam under police shield
Dozens of Israeli settlers stormed on Monday morning Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque—the third holiest site in Islam—via the Maghareba Gate.
2018/6/25 - 22:00
Israeli troops open fire at protesters in al-Quds
Israeli forces have opened fire on protesters, injuring several Palestinians in Jerusalem al-Quds where worshipers gathered on a "day of rage."
2017/12/8 - 19:00
Suicide blast in Nigeria mosque killed at least ۵۰
A teenage suicide bomber detonated as worshippers gathered for morning prayers at a mosque in northeastern Nigeria, killing at least ۵۰ people, in one of the region's deadliest attacks in years.
2017/11/21 - 16:00
France to block Muslim street prayers in Paris suburb
French authorities will stop Muslims from praying in a street, the country's interior minister said, after a series of protests by lawmakers over what they view as an unacceptable use of public space.
2017/11/21 - 00:00
Hawzah News Agency reports:
Joyful practice of Itikaf in Islam
The worshippers in Qom’s Grand masjid talk about their unique experience of Itikaf and the spiritual atmosphere of this Islamic practice of getting away from worldly affairs for three days in order to seek proximity to Allah.
2017/4/12 - 21:30
Muslim Photographer Captures Beauty of Muslim Prayer
American Muslim photographer who published a series of photos of the different places Muslims perform prayer said: I wanted to demonstrate the ease with which Muslims pray and to portray a side of Muslim life rarely covered in media.
2016/9/27 - 08:53