Sunday, September 23, 2018
Quebec mosque shooter motivated by Canada's Policy of Welcoming Refugees
A man who killed six worshippers at a Quebec City mosque told an investigator he carried out the January ۲۰۱۷ attack after seeing reports the Canadian government would welcome more refugees into the country.
2018/4/16 - 02:00
Investigation against Canadian judge, ordered Muslim woman to remove Hijab
The Quebec Court judge who refused to hear the case of a woman unless she removed her hijab in the courtroom has lost her latest bid to try to quash a disciplinary investigation into her conduct.
2018/2/28 - 04:10
Muslim Leaders Urged Canadian lawmakers to fight Islamophobia
Muslim Leaders of Canada in a letter requested national day of remembrance for victims of Quebec mosque shooting. At the federal level, the letter called for all members of Parliament to support Motion ۱۰۳, a bill to study ways of reducing Islamophobia.
2017/2/9 - 11:04
Dutch mosques shut doors after Quebec attack
Four of the largest mosques in The Netherlands say they will shut their doors during major prayer meetings after six people were killed in attack on a Canadian mosque.
2017/1/31 - 23:40
Muslim cultural center in Canada attacked for fourth time
Fire in Muslim cultural centre in Quebec was the fourth or fifth time this mosque has been damaged and recent attacks are so close to each other.
2016/12/27 - 11:35
Canadian Islamic School Tops Ranking with Perfect Score
A Canadian Muslim school made history after topping Fraser’s school ranking for Quebec’s secondary schools with its students achieving the perfect score.
2016/10/31 - 10:43
Quebec College Refuses Exam a Girl because of Hijab
A Montreal college is trying to determine how to accommodate a student who was prevented from taking an exam because she wouldn't remove part of her hijab.
2016/10/4 - 08:22
Canadian woman ordered to remove hijab in court seek justice
Lawyers for a woman who was denied a court appearance because of her hijab were back in court seeking a legal opinion on the rights of Quebecers who want access to justice while wearing religious attire.
2016/9/24 - 16:32