Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Dutch PM distances government from anti-Islam cartoon contest
The Dutch prime minister on Friday distanced his government from an anti-Islam cartoon contest being organized later this year by anti-Muslim lawmaker Geert Wilders.
2018/8/25 - 19:00
Sri Lanka Buddhist monk accused of inciting anti-Muslim violence gets ۶ years' jail
A Sri Lankan court on Wednesday handed a six-year jail term to a Buddhist monk accused of inciting violence against Muslims, holding him guilty of contempt just months after he was convicted of intimidating the wife of a missing journalist.
2018/8/10 - 00:00
Expert: Spike in UK Islamophobia due to ignorance of Islam, Saudi-inspired terror
The high level of anti-Muslim attacks in the UK largely stems from Briton's ignorance of Islam, as well as Saudi Arabia's spread of hate and terror through Wahhabism, an expert says.
2018/7/23 - 17:00
CAIR urges Americans to oppose the appointment of anti-Muslim John Bolton as NSA
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), criticized President Trump’s appointment of John Bolton as the White House National Adviser (NSA) .
2018/3/25 - 15:15
Trump apologizes for retweeting anti-Muslim videos
US President Donald Trump has apologized for the first time for retweeting a British far-right group’s anti-Muslim videos, in an ITV interview aired in Britain on Friday.
2018/1/27 - 09:00
Islamic prayer planned in front of WH against US anti-Muslim policies
Marking One Year of Resistance: Impacted refugees, leaders and dozens of organizations will host an Islamic prayer - circled by a human chain- in front of the White House, followed by a rally and march to CBP headquarters in protest of continued anti-Muslim, anti-refugee and anti-immigrant policies.
2018/1/24 - 22:20
Islamic council:
"Anti-Islam sentiment growing in Australia"
Muslims are just the latest group to be demonized in Australian society, in a practice that dates back to the earliest days of European settlement according to the head of Australia's peak Muslim body.
2018/1/22 - 23:00
German far-right party hardens anti-Muslim course
The Alternative for Germany (AfG) party started the year by railing against Muslims, ending months of relative post-election calm and any remaining doubt about its hardening far-right course. The AfD, formed in ۲۰۱۳ as an anti-euro party, two year later shifted course to capitalize on fears about a mass influx of more than one million asylum seekers to Germany, while demanding "Merkel must go"
2018/1/11 - 00:30
In anti-Muslim move, French town bans pork-free school meals
A far-right local authority in southern France scrapped pork-free school meals, a move branded “anti-Muslim” or “anti-Jewish” by a minister.
2018/1/10 - 02:00
Anti-Muslim hate groups triple in US since ۲۰۱۵
The number of organized anti-Muslim hate groups in the United States have nearly tripled since ۲۰۱۵, reaching from ۳۴ to ۱۰۱ in the year ۲۰۱۶, according to a new report.
2017/2/16 - 17:31