Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Hate crimes against Palestinians in occupied territories continues
Vandals painted on walls of northern West Bank mosque, they also slash tires in village of Krayot; Palestinian media report olive trees uprooted in separate incident.
2018/10/11 - 11:01
Scholar slams sectarianism, prosecution of Shia Muslims in Malaysia
Malaysian author and scholar Syed Farid Alatas blamed the silent majority of Muslims in Malaysia for the existence of sectarianism and the oppression and harassment of Shia Muslims in the country.
2018/1/28 - 21:00
Al-Wefaq SG to be prosecuted over his Address in Geneva
The Bahraini authorities referred the opposition leader and Secretary-General of Al-Wefaq to the Public Prosecution after questioning him over his address delivered to UNHRC in Geneva.
2016/9/17 - 10:35