Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Interview with Professor Robert Gleave from UK;
Danger of Salafi and far-right extremism in the Europe
In an interview with Hawzah News, Professor Robert Gleave, Director of the Centre for the Study of Islam at University of Exeter in the UK explained his views on extremism and the place of real Islam in Europe.
2018/2/8 - 07:42
4 mosques closed in France for spreading ‘radical ideology’
French authorities have closed four mosques in the Paris region for promoting the ideology of radical Islam under the state of emergency.
2016/11/3 - 13:34
India MP: Prevent spread of ‘Saudi-style Islam’ by curbing foreign funding
Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekar has urged Union Home Minister to undertake a crackdown on Salafist organizations that he alleged have "created dangerous pockets of radicalism and fundamentalism" using foreign financial contributions made by dubious organizations.
2016/11/2 - 10:14
Head of Al-Azhar's Islamic Research Center:
Salafis' Assault to Shias Breeds Sectarianism
"No Muslim is able to survive Salafis' Takfirism since they excommunicate every Muslim group and sect, they call anyone other than themselves infidels whereas they are the ones who created most misgivings in Islam," Afifi said.
2016/10/19 - 11:02
Kazakhstan Looks to Ban Salafism
Kazakhstan's newly created Ministry of Religious Issues and Civil Society says it is taking steps to ban the Salafism.
2016/10/15 - 11:22
German intelligence chief warns about grows of Salafism
According to German intelligence chief the unchecked growth in the number of Salafis is expanding the pool of recruits for terrorists.
2016/9/15 - 14:56