Sunday, October 21, 2018
Rohingya Muslims face difficult Ramadan in refugee camps
The ۱۲-year-old Rohingya refugee dreamed of Ramadan back in his own village - fish to break the day's fast, gifts from his family and relaxing beneath the trees before evening prayers at the mosque.
2018/5/16 - 16:04
Rohingya Muslims protest in Bangladeshi camp
Rohingya Muslim refugees have staged a protest rally at a camp in Bangladesh, calling for United Nations (UN) protection on their potential return to Myanmar as well as citizenship.
2018/4/29 - 19:00
Palestinian youth shot by Israeli forces in Gaza dies of wounds
A Palestinian youth in the Israeli-besieged Gaza has died of the wounds he sustained when he was shot by Israeli forces during a recent protest rally.
2017/12/30 - 20:30
Israeli Troops Invade Deheishe Refugee Camp, In Bethlehem
Dozens of Israeli troops invaded, on Saturday morning, the Deheishe refugee camp, south of Bethlehem, and clashed with many youngsters who hurled stones on the army vehicles.
2016/10/8 - 12:06
Israeli intelligence: slain Palestinian was 'killed by mistake'
Israeli intelligence informs father of slain Palestinian his son who killed by Israeli forces during a military raid on the Shufat refugee camp “killed by mistake”.
2016/9/7 - 09:05