Sunday, April 22, 2018
Word of God: Quran in real life
Chapter ۱۶: Rush in doing goodness
They have faith in God and the Last Day, bid what is right, forbid what is wrong, and are active in performing good deeds; they hasten in goodness. They are among the righteous. (Quran; ۳:۱۱۴)// The longer you put things off the harder they are to do. Be like those who are zealous in performing good works, rush in the goodness and take the lead in them.
2017/4/12 - 22:30
Word of God: Verses of Quran as ethical guidance
Chapter ۴۹: God has it all figured out
Quran says: “No affliction visits the earth or yourselves but it is in the Book before we bring it about that is indeed easy for God…”
2017/1/7 - 22:00
Permanent and Immutable Ethical Values
From a properly intellectual perspective, one understands that there is a range of immutable and deeply-rooted principles woven into the very texture of man’s character, determining his moral and social life.
2016/9/5 - 10:22