Friday, July 20, 2018
Quebec mosque shooter motivated by Canada's Policy of Welcoming Refugees
A man who killed six worshippers at a Quebec City mosque told an investigator he carried out the January ۲۰۱۷ attack after seeing reports the Canadian government would welcome more refugees into the country.
2018/4/16 - 02:00
Jean-Marc Ayrault:
"Terrorism Has No Nationality, Discrimination Not An Answer"
Refugees should be welcome and discrimination cannot help in the fight against terrorism, French Foreign Minister said in light of US President Donald Trump's order restricting entry for nationals from several Muslim-majority states.
2017/1/29 - 20:05
New survey shows:
Muslims being treated as foreigners in Belgium
Seven out of ten Muslim respondents in Belgium thought they are treated as foreigners the latest poll indicated . A total of ۷۰ percent expressed the desire for a strong government to restore order in the country.
2017/1/9 - 18:42
Ayatollah Khamenei:
Iranian nation has always welcomed refugees and immigrants
The leader of Islamic Revolution said "While the European countries failed to offer refuge to at most a few ten-thousands of refugees, it has been many years that Iran has been hosting about three million people from Afghanistan. " Our people have performed their financial, political, and humane duties exceedingly well.
2016/12/19 - 19:28
In a Meeting at the Vatican
European mayors will discuss refugees crisis
.Mayors of ۸۰ European cities including will gather at the Vatican for a meeting which “was convened to draw international attention to the threat to world stability posed by the growing number of refugees in the world, a number that currently exceeds ۱۲۵ million,“
2016/12/7 - 12:53
Rally against anti-Islam group in Germany
About 8,000 opponents of the anti-Muslim and anti-refugee PEGIDA movement have taken to the streets in eastern Germany to protest against the formation of the far-right group.
2016/10/18 - 23:06
Hungary’s Muslims ‘feel the hate’ ahead of referendum
Maja is no immigrant, she’s a Muslim convert. But in the febrile atmosphere in Hungary ahead of Sunday’s referendum on refugees, she says her religion has made her a target for abuse.
2016/9/30 - 19:47
Canadian Muslims Welcome Refugees in `Eid Ceremony
`Eid Al-Adha, or “Feast of Sacrifice”, marks the end of the Hajj season and is one of the two most important Islamic celebrations, together with `Eid Al-Fitr.
2016/9/11 - 08:24
Nazism's back in Germany, and this time they're after the Muslims
Unknown vandals have bricked up a door leading to a mosque in a small town in northeastern Germany, also putting up stickers bearing racist messages on the makeshift wall.
2016/8/30 - 09:25
US Muslim Launches Website to Host Refugees at Home
Amr Araf, an American Muslim has opened his apartment in Washington to free of charge, and he’s launched a website to help other Americans to do the same.
2016/8/28 - 08:12