Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Dutch Anti-Islam party to hold sacrilegious cartoon competition
The Freedom Party of Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders will hold a competition of cartoons depicting the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH).
2018/6/13 - 22:00
Dutch lady: 'Imam Hussain' a model of sacrifice for entire world without discrimination
I am so happy to visit the city of Karbala and the Holy shrine of Imam al- Hussein (pbuh). When I read about this great personality, I find him a model of sacrifice for all human beings without discrimination. This is the view of (Ann Sackat), a Dutch lady living in the UK.
2018/4/28 - 22:00
Dutch Ambassador to Iraq: Imam Ali (A.S) is a great character to be patterned on
“Imam Ali (A.S) is a great figure and many people pattern on him,” Netherlands Ambassador stated.
2018/4/21 - 00:00
Dutch Muslim publishes collection of stories from Quran
As a child, Petra van Helden had never even seen a Muslim in real life. "The seed for this book was planted ۲۰ years ago, when I was looking for answers and trying to learn more about Islam," she said.
2018/1/5 - 14:40
Quran understanding sessions in Netherlands
The Dar-ol-Quran Center affiliated to Al-Kawthar Cultural Institute in The Hague, the Netherlands, has organized sessions on the interpretation of Surah Yasin in Arabic and Dutch.
2018/1/4 - 01:00
Dutch people show solidarity with Muslims
Citizens have gathered at a mosque in The Netherlands’ capital city, Amsterdam, to show solidarity with the country’s Muslim population.
2017/3/6 - 13:50
Dutch mosques shut doors after Quebec attack
Four of the largest mosques in The Netherlands say they will shut their doors during major prayer meetings after six people were killed in attack on a Canadian mosque.
2017/1/31 - 23:40
Dutch far-right party vows to close mosques, ban Qur'an
The political party of Dutch far-right politician, Geert Wilders, has pledged to close mosques and ban Islam’s holy book of Qur'an amid growing Islamophobic sentiments in the European country.
2016/8/27 - 12:47