Sunday, June 24, 2018
Grand Ayat. Hakim slams deadly bus bombing in Syria
A Shia source of emulation in Iraq asked international human rights bodies, religious organizations and all countries to condemn the inhumane terrorists’ bus bombing in Syria; he also asked the international organizations to punish those responsible for this attack.
2017/4/17 - 22:47
Israeli mafia trading Syrian children’s body organs
Terrorist groups in Idlib province have abducted tens of Syrian children in the past three days and trafficked their body organs, fields sources said."Some of those bodies are killed by bullets, some of them by knives, But when you find pieces of the back is missing and the kidneys is missing, you will wonder what it is."
2016/12/10 - 20:26
Guide aims to help schools with Islamophobia in Canada
Muslim organizations have developed a guide for educators to help them understand the impact of the trauma Syrian kids have experienced abroad, and other Muslims, have of Islamophobia in Canada
2016/8/25 - 09:46