Saturday, July 20, 2019
Muslim couple produces braille Quran in English
the couple has sent more than ۱۵۰ braille Qurans to U.S. mosques for distribution to visually impaired Muslims as well as to individuals directly. They have also launched an app to help visually impaired Muslims learn about their faith.
2019/3/11 - 22:51
Ummah group holds religious programs in English
The Ummah Group, is a religious group that organizes religious speeches in English here in the Iranian capital.
2018/8/12 - 23:00
English Translator of Quran Surahs Dies at ۹۴
Denys Johnson-Daviesan an eminent Arabic-to-English literary translator who translated different works from Arabic to English died on Monday.
2017/5/24 - 17:26
Shia Institute’s 2016 Annual Symposium
The London-based Shia Institute has revealed the program of the 2016 annual symposium under the theme of ‘Lamenting Karbala; Commemoration, Mourning and Memory’ to be held this week.
2016/9/1 - 14:13
Japanese, Korean Language Courses for Seminary Students
The Institute of Language and Ethnography in al-Mustafa International University announced that Japanese and Korean language courses will be held for Seminary enthusiasts who are currently studying in 2nd grade of the Islamic Seminary.
2016/8/23 - 19:00