Friday, July 19, 2019
Proposal to ban hijab, religious clothing, ignites debate in Canada's Quebec
Christian, Jewish, Muslim and even secular groups across the province have denounced proposal to ban hijab, as have school boards, political parties and some municipal leaders.
2019/4/14 - 09:30
Muslim women criticize anti-hijab policy in schools
AL-mu’minaat Organisation (The Believing Women) has called on government at all levels to direct all its agencies and departments to stop unwarranted discrimination against Muslim girls in hijab.
2019/1/31 - 19:30
Nigeria: Adamawa state government set to ban hijab in these areas
The Adamawa state government is set to review the use of hijab in the state. This decision was taken following the recent bomb blast in the state.
2016/12/12 - 07:53
Georgia Law Could Make Niqabs and Hijabs Illegal in Public
Georgia passed an anti-masking law to keep Ku Klux Klan members from committing anonymous racist violence while wearing white hoods and a Georgia lawmaker wants to expand this law to target Muslim women
2016/11/17 - 09:24
Wearing of hijab in public schools: Religious tension imminent in Edo
Edo Muslims for Equity and Good Governance (EMEGG), to drag the State government to court over alleged plan by the government to ban wearing of hijab by Muslim female students in public schools.
2016/8/15 - 10:06