Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Palestinian prisoners stage new hunger strike in Israeli jail
The Palestinian Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs said on Sunday that at least ۵۰ prisoners had refused to eat at a prison in the southern city of Ashkelon.
2019/6/17 - 08:52
La mère d’un prisonnier palestinien meurt avant de voir son fils libéré le même jour
Hawzah/ “Le prisonnier libéré de Naplouse, Kamel Khatib est sorti de prison ce vendredi ۱۱ janvier ۲۰۱۹. Il a été libéré après ۱۶ ans de détention dans les prisons israéliennes et est allé directement à l’hôpital pour voir sa mère malade, mais elle est morte une heure avant l’arrivée de son fils”.
2019/1/14 - 12:45
Israel set to worsen prison conditions for Palestinian inmates
Israel is set to heavily lower prison standards for Palestinian inmates, a decision that is likely to ignite a new wave of protests both inside and outside of Israeli prisons.
2018/10/12 - 13:19
Israeli Prison deliberately providing dirty water to detainees during Interrogation
Palestinian detainees filed a complaint against Israeli Prison for offering them dirty water under interrogation.
2018/10/2 - 10:10
Israeli minister:
"Hamas inmates not allowed to watch FIFA World Cup matches"
A high-ranking Israeli official says members of the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement currently being held in Israeli prisons and detention center must not be given permission to watch the ۲۰۱۸ Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup matches.
2018/5/28 - 18:30
Protest outside Israeli prison over Ahed al-Tamimi arrest
People heled a protest against the detention of Ahed al-Tamimi, a ۱۷-year-old Palestinian and called for her release as well as all other political prisoners.
2018/2/4 - 22:00
NGOs: Over ۶,۰۰۰ Palestinians currently held in Israeli prisons
Israel is holding a total of ۶,۵۰۰ Palestinians, including women, children and lawmakers, in prisons and detention facilities across the occupied territories, three Palestinian non-governmental organizations say.
2017/4/15 - 22:55
Palestinians mistreated in Israeli prison: Lawyer
Accounts given by Palestinian prisoners show that they are subjected to assault and torture at Israeli Etzion Prison, says a lawyer with the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs.
2016/9/23 - 11:15
3 Palestinians stop hunger strike after being promised freedom
Three Palestinian prisoners, who were on a prolonged hunger strike to protest their “administrative detention,” have ended their fast.
2016/9/22 - 10:47
120 Palestinian inmates on hunger strike in solidarity with 3 prisoners
At least 120 Palestinian prisoners have gone on an open-ended hunger strike to express their solidarity with three fellow inmates who are refusing food in protest at their arbitrary detention by the Israeli regime.
2016/9/21 - 19:56