Saturday, July 20, 2019
US command sergeant major forced Muslim soldier to remove her hijab
Sgt. Cesilia Valdovinos has filed a complaint after her command sergeant major accused her of being out of hair regulations and ordered her to remove her hijab.
2019/3/13 - 08:42
Denver Muslim community hosts ‘Day of Dignity’
The local Muslim community in Denver, Colorado, came together on Saturday to help the homeless and the needy, giving them attention, for them to know they are not alone.
2018/9/18 - 18:00
Muslims in Colorado hold first-ever register to vote events
For the first time ever, Muslims in US state of Colorado mobilized a national effort to register people to vote in the upcoming US elections.
2018/8/27 - 22:00
In Cargill labor dispute, Colorado regulator findings side with fired workers
Colorado’s Labor Department said Cargill appears to have changed its rules on employees taking prayer breaks at a meatpacking plant there, a finding that contradicts what the company has been saying about a situation that led to more than 100 Muslim workers losing or quitting their job late last year.
2016/8/13 - 13:24