Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Ayat. Hakim urges Muslim minorities worldwide to hold religious ceremonies
"Immigrant Muslim minorities must pay special attention to holding religious ceremonies on different occasions since taking part in such gatherings promote kindness and brotherhood among Muslims worldwide."
2017/12/12 - 14:55
Top Iraqi cleric hails pilgrimage as a path to solve discords
"Almighty Allah has bestowed upon the believers the opportunity to take part in such religious ceremonies and pilgrimages, allowing them to gather around and unite their resolve to address the ongoing issues and conflicts," said the senior Iraqi cleric.
2017/11/14 - 13:14
 Ayat. Hakim: Scholars must promote message of Ashura Uprising
“Imam Hussain (as) sacrificed his life and his family and companions on the Day of Ashura for a great cause. He was most certain that the message of his uprising would reach Muslims everywhere and it will restore pure Islamic values and preserve its teachings for later generations.”
2017/10/23 - 23:41
Grand Ayat. Hakim:
"Muslim community cooperate for promoting Imam Hussain's teachings"
 "In order to introduce the world to Ahl-ul-Bayt's (as) valuable doctrine, the Muslim community must cooperate. Promoting Imam Hussain's (as) teachings and moral virtues helps people worldwide become familiar with Ahl-ul-Bayt's doctrine," said the senior Shia scholar.
2017/10/16 - 14:15
Top cleric advises Iraqi tribes to avoid false traditions
The Shia source of emulation asked Iraqi tribes to abide by holy Islam and its principles and avoid false traditions of the past since some of these traditions have nothing to do with Islamic beliefs and Imam Ali's (as) teachings.
2017/9/2 - 17:55
Senior cleric urges youth to act on Quran, Ahlul Bayt (as) teachings
During the meeting, Grand Ayatollah Hakim advised Iraqi youth to adhere to Islamic teachings based on Quran and Ahl-ul-Bayt's (as) doctrine.
2017/8/26 - 10:50
Top Iraqi Cleric urges tolerance towards Cultural enemies
Grand Ayatollah Hakim asked Muslim youth to engage in peaceful dialogues with those who disagree with genuine Islam and the path of truth.
2017/7/11 - 12:18
Grand Ayat. Hakim receives Senior Clerics in Najaf
Grand Ayatollahs Bashir al-Najafi and al-Fayyaz, Shia sources of emulation, met with Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Saeed Hakim in the city of Najaf, Iraq.
2017/6/21 - 12:49
Grand Ayat. Hakim:
"Clerics adhere to Ahlul Bayt Doctrine to serve Society"
A group of seminary students met with grand ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Saied Hakim in the city of Najaf, Iraq.
2017/5/18 - 11:23
Grand Ayatollah Hakim:
"Protection of women's chastity, key to reform society"
The Shia cleric in Iraq advised women to preserve their chastity and adhere to Quranic teachings in order to reform the whole society. Ayatollah Hakim then advised them to carry out their religious duties in order to preserve Islam and the legacy of Prophet Muhammad (sawa)
2017/5/6 - 16:27