Sunday, July 21, 2019
Ayatollah Hakim called for Islamic propagation in the distant areas
A group of missionaries and students of the Pakistani seminaries met and talked to Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Saeed Hakim, a source of emulation, based in Najaf Ashraf.
2019/6/11 - 23:00
With the help of the Islamic propagation office of the Islamic seminary of Qom:
​Over ۷۰۰ religious clerics were sent in last ۱۰ days of Safar
In order to strengthen, expand religious beliefs, and also deal with social harms, especially the problems like addiction, divorce and deviant sects, the Islamic propagation office sent more than ۷۰۰ religious clerics to different areas of the country, in the last ۱۰ days of month of Safar.
2018/11/1 - 15:15
Al-Mustafa Int'l University Missionaries Head to the Land of Nineveh
A group of “Al-Mustafa International University” seminarians, being escorted by a number of pilgrims and neighbors of Imam al-Ridha Holy Shrine, headed to the land of Nineveh, Iraq in the form of a religious-promotional caravan.
2016/11/14 - 16:05
Razavi Missionaries arrive in Koidu, Sierra Leone
“Under the Shade of the Sun” Caravan, traveling to the Koidu City in Sierra Leone, visited the only Quran and Shi'ite jurisprudence school.
2016/8/16 - 11:44
Missionaries Target Muslim Refugees in Greece
Aid workers have distributed conversion forms inside copies of Arabic version of St John gospel to people in the Moria detention camp on Lesbos, who have been held under the terms of the EU-Turkey migration deal.
2016/8/4 - 08:38