Sunday, October 22, 2017
Top Shia Cleric: Iran, US disputes won’t end in friendship
“There used to be times when people believed our disputes with US administration will be resolved and our disagreements would lead to friendship and opportunities to develop our ties; but as time went on, it became apparent to all that US government cannot tolerate Iran’s strength and advancements. This has become known to all people today.” said Grand Ayatollah Makarem.
2017/10/18 - 14:35
Grand Ayat. Makarem Shirazi:
Saudi Arabia handle political issues as it did Hajj
Ayatollah Makarem said, “It looks like the Saudi government has come to the conclusion that following USA plans against Iran will not be fruitful, and the Saudi Arabia should choose another way. We hope they do the same in political issues, as well.”
2017/10/13 - 15:50
Grand Ayatollah Makarem:
"Kurdish politicians stop dreaming about seceding Kurdistan"
"The Islamic Republic of Iran will not tolerate secession of Iraqi Kurdistan region which leads to establishment of a second Israel in the Middle East. / It's in Kurdish politicians' best interest to solve their issues with central Iraqi government peacefully and stop dreaming about seceding Kurdistan region," said the senior Shia scholar.
2017/10/11 - 10:25
Senior Cleric: Iraqi Kurdistan Secession doomed to fail
"the main purpose of Iraqi Kurdistan secession is to create a base for the arrogant powers in the region, but the joint efforts of the neighboring countries including Iran, Iraq and Turkey will neutralize this plot; the security and stability of the region will not be tarnished."
2017/10/8 - 18:05
Grand Ayat. Makarem Shirazi explained;
Many dangers threatening scholars, their science
The senior cleric named getting dependent on the material world, knowledge without action and arrogance as some of the dangers that can threaten the learned.
2017/10/8 - 01:04
Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi:
"US, most dangerous country in the world"
“Typically, when a criminal scene takes place, the shooter can only injure a few people, but in Las Vegas Shooting almost ۶۰۰ hundred people were killed or injured. “ said the senior cleric.
2017/10/7 - 15:32
Ayat. Makarem Shirazi attends Eid al-Ghadeer march
Attending the first march to commemorate the event of Ghadir Khumm in Iran’s Qom, Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi said, "People must become familiar with the truth of Ghadir Khumm. Ghadeer is a time to celebrate Imamate and it must never be forgotten."
2017/9/10 - 12:38
Ayat. Makarem announces participation in Ghadir March
"The Senior Shia cleric will be participating in this march on Ghadir Eve in order to raise public awareness about the significance of this religious holiday saying"Ghadir Eve is the foundation of Imamate and we must cherish this day."
2017/9/4 - 10:18
Ayatollah Makarem issues statement on 'Ghadir Ten Days'
"I hope the adherents of Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali (as) avoid sectarianism and abide by moral virtues while perfuming Ghadir celebrations. " read the statement.
2017/8/27 - 11:32
Grand Ayat. Makarem's Offices open in Mecca, Medina to serve Pilgrims
In order to provide religious services to the respectable pilgrims, the office of Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi sends a group of scholars to represent his eminence in Saudi Arabia during the Hajj season. They establish offices in Mecca and Medina with the purpose of answering the religious questions of the Hajj pilgrims as well as the clerics who accompany each group of pilgrims.
2017/8/21 - 10:22