Friday, April 20, 2018
On the celebration for appointment of Muhammad (S.A.W.) as Prophet anniversary,
A Korean lady converts at Razavi Shrine in Mashhad
Cooperating with management of non-Iranian pilgrims’ affairs of Astan Quds Razavi, a young Korean Lady converts to Islam on the celebration for appointment of Muhammad (S.A.W.) as prophet anniversary.
2018/4/16 - 00:00
Georgian lady converts to Islam at Razavi Shrine
Attending office of non-Iranian pilgrims’’ affairs of Astan Quds Razavi and reciting twin formulae of faith, a Georgian young lady who was visiting Razavi Shrine for the first time converted to Islam.
2018/4/10 - 02:30
Jannah project represents Muslims in Mexico
A few years ago Italian photographer Giulia Lacolutti introduced to the imam of one of the mosques popping up around Mexico City to host a growing Muslim community.
2017/11/22 - 20:30
Japanese Youth Converts to Islam at Razavi Shrine
“Learning Persian was the reason for my travel to Iran. During my presence in Iran, I became familiar with Islam and its culture”. said the newly-converted Japanese Muslim. Ino Kouchi chose Ridha as his new name.
2017/1/22 - 13:53
African Pilgrim:
"Razavi Shrine, Richest Religious Base for Muslims"
Noting that Imam al-Ridha (as) Shrine has provided a good ground for boosting religious values, an African pilgrim said, “The Holy Shrine of Imam al-Ridha (as) is the richest religious base for the Muslim World”.
2017/1/15 - 13:04
How does someone become a Muslim?
Practicing Islam requires learning the Islamic ideas, teachings, and practices, and then adapting to them – a process that does require some sacrifice.
2016/10/5 - 14:43
Spanish Lady Converts to Islam in Imam al-Ridha's Shrine
A Spanish lady converted to Islam at the Razavi Holy Shrine, concurrent with the Razavi Karamat ten-day celebrations.
2016/8/14 - 12:09
29 embrace Islam in Oman
Twenty-nine people converted to Islam in July this year, the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs said.
2016/8/8 - 15:45
Story of a Christian Man invited to Islam by Lady Masumah
Below is a real story of a Christian man who was invited to Islam by Lady Masumah narrated by Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani
2016/8/4 - 12:42