Monday, June 25, 2018
Tenfold rise in attacks on Sweden mosques
Mosques in Sweden were attacked a record ۳۸ times in ۲۰۱۷, marking a tenfold increase from the previous year, a recent report showed. Also, Islamic houses of worship across Europe have endured dozens of far-right attacks, particularly since January.
2018/6/13 - 19:00
A mosque in Sweden certified to call for prayer
Swedish police granted a mosque permission to hold a weekly call to prayer, triggering divisions among politicians and the public, five months ahead of elections in a country which has taken in waves of asylum seekers in recent years.
2018/5/9 - 21:00
Swedish activist continues walking for Palestine
A ۲۵-year-old Swedish activist who commenced a long walk from Sweden to Palestine to raise awareness about human rights violations in the occupied territory, has reached Turkey’s northwestern Duzce province.
2018/4/19 - 17:45
Mosque gets green light in Swedish town
While local Muslims see it as a confirmation of being part of Swedish society, long-time residents launched a petition to prevent the construction in a quiet residential area as a countermeasure, but failed.
2018/3/24 - 10:30
Imam Ali (AS) Islamic center in Sweden to host I’tikaf
The Imam Ali (AS) Islamic Center in Stockholm, Sweden, will host Muslim worshipers who are going to attend I’tikaf on the ۱۳th to ۱۵th of the lunar month of Rajab.
2018/2/26 - 01:15
Mourning programs on Hazrat Zahra's (sa) Martyrdom anniv. in Sweden
The Imam Ali (as) Islamic Center in Stockholm, Sweden organized mourning ceremonies on the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra (sa).
2018/2/22 - 04:05
Mosque in Sweden desecrated with swastika painting
The Al-Huda Islamic Cultural Center’s mosque in Sweden was vandalized when unknown attackers painted a swastika on one of its door. The mosque had been attacked four times between ۲۰۱۲ and ۲۰۱۴.
2017/11/20 - 12:00
Swedish mosque granted Adhan permission
A mosque in southern Sweden has been allowed to use speakers for calls to the daily prayers (Adhan), Initially mosque will only use speaker for call to Friday prayers, says local official.
2017/11/18 - 09:20
Sweden to host Quran competition of Europe
The Swedish capital of Stockholm will play host to a Quran competition for European countries. The winners of the top title in the categories of recitation and memorization of the Quran will be dispatched to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s international Quran competition next year.
2017/7/13 - 00:15
Fire at the largest Shia mosque in Sweden likely arson
According to Sweden police the fire at the Imam Ali Islamic Center was arson. The building suffered major damage and the area surrounding it was closed off. Police were expected to conduct a full technical investigation later on Monday.
2017/5/1 - 09:39