Monday, December 11, 2017
'International Seminary, Civilizing Seminary' Conference to be held in Qom
Head of Islamic Seminary's Office for International Relations Hujjat al-Islam Husseini Kouhsari announced holding a conference on the role of seminaries in international arena in Qom this week.
2017/12/11 - 16:25
Former Iranian Ambassador to Vatican visits Hawzah News Agency
Former Iranian Ambassador to Vatican Hujjat al-Islam Rabbani paid a visit to the headquarters of Hawzah News Agency in Qom on Monday.
2017/12/11 - 14:56
Senior Cleric urges Muslims to stand against new US-Israel plot
"Trump's recent decision caused another comprehensive uprising throughout the Islamic world resulting in Muslims' unity against Jerusalem move."
2017/12/11 - 14:32
Member of Qom's Society of Seminary Teachers:
"Al-Quds liberation, Muslims' greatest Cause"
"Trump is seeking to help the Zionist Regime gain more strength by moving the capital, but in reality such decision will accelerate the process of al-Quds liberation," said Hujjat al-Islam Ka'abi.
2017/12/9 - 11:45
Ayat. Makarem Shirazi condemns Trump's Quds decision
Condemning Trump's Jerusalem move, senior Shia cleric Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi asserted, "American and Israeli politicians will certainly face new defeat as a result of Trump's al-Quds decision.
2017/12/9 - 10:55
Senior Cleric warns Israel not to ‘Play with Fire’
“Trump’s insane Jerusalem move is a stupid mistake which stands against the Muslim beliefs. Not only the Islamic countries but also non-Muslim nations will oppose this move and strongly condemn it.” said Ayatollah Moqtadayi.
2017/12/8 - 14:14
Ayat. Arafi: Islamic world in need of Unity
“Unity has always been regarded as a major priority in the Islamic world; we must pay special attention to this great matter since the issue of Islamic unity and solidarity within Muslim community is of significant importance in present era.”
2017/12/7 - 14:51
Ayat. Noori Hamedani urges Islamic countries to act on Quran
"According to holy Quran, Muslims must not be friends with the enemy; however, some Islamic countries are serving the benefits of the Zionist Regime."//"Some Muslim nations overlook Quran and do not act according to its valuable teachings for life."
2017/12/5 - 16:55
Senior Iraqi Cleric: National Unity, Iraq's red line
"The national unity of Iraq is our red line which must never be overlooked. Iraq belongs to all Iraqi people and they all share this country. No citizen's right should be denied in Iraq," the senior cleric added.
2017/12/4 - 17:21
Greek Mufti: Iran belongs to whole Islamic World
“The Islamic Republic of Iran belongs to the whole Islamic world; this country managed to realize a great and unique Islamic revolution under the leadership of late Imam Khomeini (ra). Iran has always sought the benefit of whole Islamic community and promotes unity among Muslim countries.”
2017/12/2 - 18:34