Sunday, February 18, 2018
Liverpool supporters embrace Egyptian player with Muslim chant
Liverpool Football Club fans embraced Mohamed Salah, an Egypt-born player, with a new chant that celebrates the ۲۵-year-old forward's faith.
2018/2/18 - 04:20
Al-Mustafa intel’ university’s Quran, Hadith festival accomplishes
The ۲۳rd edition of the international Quran and Hadith festival of Al-Mustafa International University wrapped up in a ceremony.
2018/2/18 - 00:00
Muslim groups raise money to help Florida shooting victims, families
A Muslim charity in Florida has raised thousands of dollars for the victims of the high school shooting in Parkland and their families.
2018/2/17 - 22:00
Bahraini Shia cleric released after ۳ weeks of detention
The security authorities in Bahrain released Shia cleric Sayed Adnan Hashem, who is from the village of Diraz, more than three weeks after his arrest.
2018/2/17 - 17:00
Senior cleric receives Indian scholars in Qom;
Silence towards enemies, betrayal to Islam
“Muslims must not be silent in the face of oppression. Muslim scholars had certain responsibilities in the past and as of today they have a role in leading the uprising against injustice worldwide.” said Grand Ayatollah Hussein Noori Hamedani in Qom.
2018/2/17 - 15:42
Seyyed Nasrallah hails Syria's downing of Israeli warplane
Secretary General of Hezbollah resistance movement lauded downing of an Israeli fighter jet by Syria forces as a 'very big achievement'. / "Iran is a country that no other country can meddle in its positions and strategies. The Islamic Republic has stood by all Arab nations, and defended their rights," he said.
2018/2/17 - 15:25
Grand Ayat. Makarem Shirazi:
"Takfirism is against all Islamic principles"
"Takfiri thoughts will not easily be eliminated by the downfall of ISIS(or Daesh); It's possible that takfiri groups engage in new methods; People must come to notice that Takfirism is contrary to all Islamic principles and it should be eliminated." said Grand Ayatollah in his message.
2018/2/17 - 12:54
Over ۱۷۰۰ individuals attend Kuwait Quran contest
More than ۱۷۰۰ people attended Kuwait's ۲۱st Grand Quran Recitation and Memorization Contest.
2018/2/15 - 23:30
Activists mark uprising anniversary,
Protests outside Bahraini embassies in Washington, London
Chanting slogans against the regime in Manama, a small group of protesters gathered in London and held up posters of Bahraini political prisoners, snapshots of the mass protests that rocked Bahrain in February ۲۰۱۱ as well as images of victims of the bloody crackdown that followed.
2018/2/15 - 19:11
Sheikh Qassim:
"Seminary of Lebanon to promote ties with Qom, Najaf"
Vice secretary general of Hezbollah movement said, "The main challenge in Lebanese Islamic seminaries is that majority of students have to work and study simultaneously." / "The methods and expertise of seminary of Qom is very broad and impressive."
2018/2/15 - 15:31