Sunday, October 22, 2017
Grand Ayat. Noori Hamedani:
Arbaeen Walk represents genuine movement of Islam
” Arbaeen pilgrimage is a great Shia parade which gains more and more attention and significance year by year, this is a symbol of genuine Islamic movement.”
2017/10/21 - 15:33
Ayat. Naseri: Trump’s Anti-Iran Rhetoric result of Arab Dollars
Iranian nation will stand strong against all US conspiracies and plots; “The US politicians’’ rhetoric against Iran is mere lie, our job is to make the world know that such remarks are nothing but nonsense.”
2017/10/19 - 10:06
Top Shia Cleric: Iran, US disputes won’t end in friendship
“There used to be times when people believed our disputes with US administration will be resolved and our disagreements would lead to friendship and opportunities to develop our ties; but as time went on, it became apparent to all that US government cannot tolerate Iran’s strength and advancements. This has become known to all people today.” said Grand Ayatollah Makarem.
2017/10/18 - 14:35
The president of the university of Religions and Denominations:
The necessity of standing against ignorant, violent impressions of Islam
Hujjat al-Islam Mohammad Hossain Mokhtari the president of the university of Religions and Denominations made some remarks on the university’s duty to stand against ignorant impressions of Islam.
2017/10/18 - 14:16
Grand Ayat. Noori:
IRGC, beating heart of the Islamic Revolution
"In a war, the main purpose is to occupy land and dominate the materialistic resources; furthermore, Wars are fought to serve the benefits of the oppressive groups and the arrogant powers whereas Jihad is carried out to preserve dignity and integrity of divine religions and to revive spiritual virtues," said Shia source of emulation
2017/10/18 - 10:08
Imam Sajjad (as) mourning ceremony held in Europe
Mourning ceremony held across Europe. In the Islamic center of The Hague, Netherlands numerous Muslims from across the country took part. Similar ceremonies were held in Malmo, Sweden as well as in Belgium to commemorate Imam Sajjad (as).
2017/10/17 - 12:02
Ayatollah Khamenei:
Imam Sajjad (as) stood up alone to prevent the destruction of religion
"The magnanimous Imam Sajjad (a.s.) lived for almost thirty-four years after the Karbala event, in an Islamic environment of that time. His life history is full of lessons; hopefully, those who are aware of the qualities of his life, will relate them to the people" said Grand Ayatollah Khamenei.
2017/10/17 - 11:30
Grand Ayat. Sistani's representative in Europe:
Arbaeen pilgrimage, opportunity to solve Muslim issues
"Arbaeen pilgrimage is an outstanding and unique religious ceremony in the world. That's due to the fact that millions of pilgrims and Ahlul Bayt lovers attend the ceremony and the number is increasing year by year," said Hujjat al-Islam Kashmiri in London.
2017/10/17 - 10:52
Grand Ayat. Hakim:
"Muslim community cooperate for promoting Imam Hussain's teachings"
 "In order to introduce the world to Ahl-ul-Bayt's (as) valuable doctrine, the Muslim community must cooperate. Promoting Imam Hussain's (as) teachings and moral virtues helps people worldwide become familiar with Ahl-ul-Bayt's doctrine," said the senior Shia scholar.
2017/10/16 - 14:15