Saturday, April 21, 2018
Top Iraqi Cleric urges tolerance towards Cultural enemies
Grand Ayatollah Hakim asked Muslim youth to engage in peaceful dialogues with those who disagree with genuine Islam and the path of truth.
2017/7/11 - 12:18
Catholic bishop tells Muslims sustain peace and tolerance
The Catholic bishop of Wa, Ghana, has called on Muslims to sustain tolerance and peaceful co-existence. He added Muslims must pay more attention to things that unite them rather than things that divide them.
2017/5/17 - 12:54
German ad campaign encourages hijab ‘tolerance’
The 18-second ad, funded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) about Hijab is encouraging citizens to “enjoy difference” and “start tolerance.”
2016/9/19 - 15:25
Muslim woman encountered a fearful passenger on a flight, taught her an amazing lesson on tolerance
Jiva Akbor was sitting on the very back row of a flight from Britain to Spain when the woman sitting next to her stood up panicked and asked the staff if she could change seats. 
2016/7/22 - 23:40