Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Ayat. Arafi receives Head of Georgian Agency of Religions
Ayatollah Arafi thanked the government of Georgia for their support for religious minorities in their country.
2018/5/15 - 12:00
Head of Iran’s Islamic seminary:
Hamburg Islamic center become the base for deep scientific dialogues in West
Head of Iran’s Islamic seminaries said, "If Hamburg Islamic center in Germany is properly directed and its professors and students have a firm determination, it can turn out to a base for deep scientific interfaith dialogues in the west.”
2018/5/6 - 07:54
Al-Mustafa University and University of Ruhuna sign MoU
Dean of Al-Mustafa International University met with Vice-chancellor of University of Ruhuna in Qom.
2018/4/30 - 12:05
Ayat. Arafi receives Science Minister of Afghanistan
“There are currently ۳۵۰۰۰ students studying at Al-Mustafa University branches in Iran and abroad since we are cooperating with more than ۱۰۰ scientific and academic institutes around the world.” Ayatollah Arafi said.
2018/4/23 - 16:42
Ayat. Arafi:
Qom ready to host annual book fair
"Today, there are more than ۱۰۰ thousand foreign students learning Islamic sciences in the seminary of Qom; If we add up the number of their family members who are also living in Qom we have almost ۳۰۰ thousand foreign residents in Qom. This great potential can be used to hold international, national and provincial book fairs in Qom."
2018/4/10 - 11:31
In a message to the conference of the representatives of Al-Mustafa university;
Ayat. Arafi: Al-Mustafa’s gates open to all the enthusiasts of divine knowledge
Chairman of Al-Mustafa university asserted, “The gates of Al-Mustafa university are open to all the enthusiasts of divine knowledge from all Islamic sect.”
2018/4/8 - 23:51
Ayatollah Arafi calls for serious attention to ethics courses at seminary
During a meeting with the deputy of moral refinement of Iran's seminaries, Ayatollah Arafi called for serious attention of seminary students to ethical and moral subjects.
2018/4/8 - 10:00
Ayat. Arafi:
"Muslim clerics be the pivot of creating noble ideas"
Addressing seminary students, head of Islamic seminaries said, "Study well and hard and be the pivot of creating noble thoughts and ideas, not only for Iran, but for the whole world."
2018/3/21 - 18:46
Head of Islamic seminaries:
Al-Mustafa university, legacy of more than a thousand years history of Islamic seminaries
Ayatollah Arafi stated that al-Mustafa international university is the legacy of more than a thousand years history of Islamic seminaries.
2018/3/11 - 06:44
Pope responds to Ayat. Arafi's Christmas message
Leader of the Catholic World Pope Francis has responded to the Christmas message sent by head of Iran's Islamic Seminaries Ayatollah Alireza Arafi to Christian representatives.
2018/3/5 - 11:22