Wednesday, July 24, 2019
New Mosque opens in the Netherlands
The organization's Institute of Waqf (religious endowment) started the construction project of the mosque, which accomadates ۲۵۰۰ worshippers, in ۲۰۱۶.
2019/6/24 - 07:00
Dutch mosques take extra security measures for Ramadan
Mosques in the Netherlands are taking extra security measures during Ramadan, which started on Monday.
2019/5/6 - 20:20
Father and son arrested for drunken assault on mosque visitors
Two Suspicious men arrested for drunken assault
2019/4/8 - 23:00
Dutch mosque targeted by PEGIDA in Islamophobic attack
A mosque in the Netherlands was attacked by members of the Islamophobic German group Pegida, who defaced the building with racist banners, a mosque official said on Sunday.
2019/3/3 - 22:18
Muslim Dutch politicians request protection for mosques
Dutch Muslims request protection of mosques from far-right groups, PKK supporters, says head of Netherland's Denk party
2019/1/31 - 17:12
OIC condemns Dutch plan for offensive cartoon contest
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) slammed a sacrilegious cartoon completion planned in Netherlands.
2018/8/30 - 17:30
Dutch PM distances government from anti-Islam cartoon contest
The Dutch prime minister on Friday distanced his government from an anti-Islam cartoon contest being organized later this year by anti-Muslim lawmaker Geert Wilders.
2018/8/25 - 19:00
Far-right groups attack three mosques in Netherlands
Far-right groups have attacked three mosques in the Netherlands, a Muslim charity fund official said.
2018/4/14 - 03:00
Dutch anti-Islam leader: 'We'd rather Mosques burned down'
The anti-Islam PVV in the Netherlands has run into more trouble with its local election plans – this time after its campaign leader in Utrecht said he would rather the city's mosques burned down.
2018/1/11 - 07:15
European halal expo to be held in Netherlands
The European Halal Expo will take place on June ۲۰-۲۱ in Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands.
2018/1/4 - 04:00