Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Three Palestinians injured as Israeli warplane strikes Gaza-Egypt border
At least three Palestinians have sustained injuries when the Israeli military carried out an airstrike against an area on the border between Egypt's troubled Sinai Peninsula and the besieged Gaza Strip.
2018/7/14 - 21:20
Hezbollah deputy leader: Resistance movement ready to confront any Israeli military aggression
Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem says the Lebanese resistance movement is ready to confront any military onslaught or aggression by the Israeli regime.
2018/3/16 - 20:20
Behind closed doors,
Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi's trial begins
The Israeli military has begun the trial of a Palestinian teenage girl, who gained international fame for slapping an Israeli soldier in the face, behind closed doors.
2018/2/13 - 23:30
Syrian air defenses down Israeli warplane
A political commentator says the Syrian military's downing of an Israeli F-۱۶ warplane sent a warning message to the Israeli regime and the US that Damascus will not stand idly in the face of Tel Aviv's repeated violations of its sovereignty.
2018/2/10 - 22:30
Israeli military closes Gaza border crossings amid airstrikes
Israel has closed border crossings into the Gaza Strip as the regime steps up its aerial assaults against the besieged coastal enclave.
2017/12/14 - 23:45
HRW: Israel 'systematically' barring entry into Gaza
Human Rights Watch has denounced Israel for "systematically" banning the international group's researchers from entering the blockaded Gaza Strip to document Tel Aviv's abuses.
2017/4/3 - 16:03
Leg amputation as Palestinian teen hit by Israeli Jeep
Palestinian detainee teen undergoes leg amputation, after being hit by Israeli jeep denying vehicular attack on soldiers. A second Palestinian was severely injured in the incident, and a third was lightly injured
2017/1/11 - 18:39
Palestinian Foreign Ministry:
Process of Israeli soldier’s Conviction was a “show trial”
After an Israeli soldier was found guilty of manslaughter for the execution-style killing of a Palestinian, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry called the case a “show trial,”
2017/1/4 - 18:17
Israel closes news site focusing on Al-Aqsa
These orders issued by the Israeli military and security forces indicate that the Qpress agency has been banned and completely shut down.
2016/10/18 - 08:47
IOF Shoots Palestinian Teenager in West Bank
The Palestinian, 14 years old, was hit in the leg without any casualties in the Occupation military.
2016/9/24 - 10:03