Thursday, January 24, 2019
Ordered by President, construction work of Grand Mosque begun in Ghazni
Ghazni City (BNA) The construction work of Aljahad grand mosque has started in Ghazni province.
2018/12/5 - 23:30
Mosque blast kills dozens in Afghanistan
An explosion at a mosque on an Afghan army base during Friday prayers has killed at least ۲۶ people and injured more than ۵۰ in the eastern Khost province.
2018/11/23 - 19:00
Turkmenistan to build mosque in Afghanistan
Turkmenistan will allocate funds for the construction of a mosque in the Afghan settlement of Aqina, Altyn Asyr local TV channel reported. The mosque may be commissioned in December ۲۰۲۰.
2018/11/11 - 22:10
Imam Azam International research center established in Parwan
Charikar (BNA) Imam Azam International Academic and Research Center was established yesterday in Police training center in Jangal Bagh area of Charikar, capital city of Parwan.
2018/11/11 - 18:30
Grand Ayatollah Makarem Chirazi:
Les effusions de sang doivent être arrêtées dans le monde musulman
Hawzah/L'Ayatollah Makarem, soulignant la formation d'un groupe et d'une chambre intellectuelle pour l'étude et la pathologie des racines de la discorde et des effusions de sang en Afghanistan et du raccourcissement la main des étrangers de ce pays, a déclaré: faut-il rechercher que pourquoi n'y a-t-il pas de paix en Afghanistan?
2018/11/10 - 15:35
Record ۴۳۵ Afghans killed or wounded in legislative poll: UN
More than ۴۰۰ Afghans were killed or wounded in poll-related violence during three days of voting last month, the United Nations said, making the parliamentary ballot the deadliest on record.
2018/11/6 - 18:30
One killed, ۳ injured as Taliban raid top US general's meeting
One of Afghanistan's most powerful security officials has been killed and two Americans injured in a shooting at a high-level security meeting in Afghanistan, attended by top US commander General Scott Miller.
2018/10/18 - 19:35
Iranian guards disband armed outfit on Afghan border
Iranian border guards have disbanded a three-member team of gunmen as they were trying to cross the country’s border with Afghanistan.
2018/10/6 - 23:30
Afghan official: Death toll in suicide bombing rises to ۶۸
The death toll in a suicide bombing among a group of people protesting a local police commander in eastern Afghanistan has risen to ۶۸, up from ۳۲, provincial officials Wednesday.
2018/9/13 - 19:00
Le ministre de l'enseignement supérieur d'Afghanistan a rencontré l'Ayatollah Arafi
Hawzah / Dr Khajeh Omari, ministre de l'enseignement supérieur d'Afghanistan, lors de son voyage sur la ville sainte de Qom, a visité l'université d'Al-Mustafa et il a aussi rencontré l'Ayatollah Arafi.
2018/9/4 - 08:35