Saturday, February 16, 2019
Director of Mazandaran Seminary of Sisters:
Lack of enough Seminary Schools for women in Mazandaran province
Director of Mazandaran Seminary Sisters said: considering the number of women in Mazandaran and their interest in studying at Seminaries, the education of all sisters in the provincial cities should be provided.
2018/7/10 - 16:00
Iran Leader: Eliminating philosophy from seminary schools leads to superficiality
Organizers of the National Conference of the Philosopher of Tehran-- commemorating late Aqa Ali Modarres Zonoozi-- met with Ayatollah Khamenei on April ۲۳, ۲۰۱۸.
2018/4/25 - 18:20
Secretary of the ۴th Confrere of Petrification and American Islam
Clerical charter, most important message of Imam Khomeini (ra) to seminary schools
Secretary of the ۴th Confrere of Petrification and American Islam introduced clerical charter as the biggest and most important message of Imam Khomeini (ra) to the Seminary Schools.
2018/2/25 - 10:30
Ayat. Arafi:
"Scientific power, strong point of Shia seminaries"
“The Islamic seminary must be social and attached to the body of society in order to realize popular demands. If our society is dealing with certain social issues, it’s the seminary’s duty to correctly address them.”
2017/8/7 - 16:15
Hujjat al-Islam Kouhsari:
"Tens of specialized institutes in Islamic humanities active in Qom"
"There are tens of specialized institutes in Qom, Iran which focus on Islamic humanities. So many books have also been written on subjects such as Islamic economics," said head of Iranian seminaries' Office for International Relations. "One of the main strategies in seminaries is to promote international relations"
2017/4/29 - 15:30
Muslim Cleric: Iranian Seminary courses tailored to the needs of Society
Head of the Islamic Seminaries' Institute of Theology spoke on the ongoing programs and procedures in designing new seminary course books, "Designing new course books in the Islamic Seminaries is carried out while preserving the old text book contents , we do not want to abandon old text books altogether," said Hujjat al-Islam Berenjkar.
2017/1/11 - 11:00