Sunday, February 25, 2018
Israeli troops avoid celebration honoring retired teachers in Al-Quds
Israeli troops prevented a celebration held at the Young Muslim Women School in Al-Quds honoring retired Palestinian teachers .
2018/2/10 - 23:45
Lebanese Friday Prayer Leaders hail Iran's support for Palestine
During this week's Friday Prayer sermons, Lebanese scholars hailed Iran's continuous support for Palestine and urged all Muslim countries to voice solidarity with the people of Palestine and try to defend Jerusalem al-Quds.
2018/1/21 - 11:59
Christian Priest: Al-Quds belongs to all religions
"Jerusalem al-Quds is the center of all divine religions including Islam, Christianity and Judaism, therefore, the security and stability of this city is of great significance to followers of different religions. Al-Quds is the birthplace of divine religions on the Earth."
2018/1/20 - 12:17
Senior cleric:
"Trump is falling, making severe mistakes in Middle East"
The interim leader of Tehran Friday Prayers slammed US president Trump policies toward the Middle East.
2017/12/30 - 18:50
Over ۶۰۰ Palestinians detained since Trump’s al-Quds decision
More than ۶۰۰ Palestinians have been arrested since President Trump announced US policy on recognition of al-Quds as Israeli capital.
2017/12/27 - 23:00
Head of Int'l Union of Resistance Scholars:
"Trump's al-Quds Move strengthened Palestinian Cause"
"Trump's decision not only infuriated the whole Muslim community but also made all freed men around the world take a strong stance condemning his decision." said Sheikh Maher Hammoud.
2017/12/27 - 11:41
Iranian Supreme Leader's Representative in Pakistan:
"UN al-Quds Resolution proves illegitimacy of Israel"
Pointing out United Nations' recent al-Quds resolution in which the international community overwhelmingly condemned Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem al-Quds as the new capital of Zionist Regime, Hujjat al-Islam Naqavi asserted that such resolution proves the illegitimacy of Israel as a usurper regime and it strengthened Muslim community's stance to support al-Quds.
2017/12/25 - 12:11
Lebanese cleric:
"UN al-Quds resolution, slap in face for Trump"
"American politicians conspire against countries in order to sow discord and unrest; they openly interfere in the affairs of other countries."/"The vast majority of countries overwhelmingly approved the resolution to deliver a big no to the recognition of Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital of Israel," said Lebanese cleric.
2017/12/23 - 19:16
Role of Islamic unity in avoiding materialization of Trump’s decision on al-Quds
Senior Iranian cleric stressed that Trump’s decision on relocation of Israeli capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is evidence that Iran’s support for Palestine was an accurate move.
2017/12/20 - 21:00
Muslim leaders discuss al-Quds at OIC crisis summit in Turkey
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) convenes an urgent summit in Istanbul on Washington’s contentious declaration on Jerusalem al-Quds, with the Turkish foreign minister urging Muslim nations to respond by pressing the world for the recognition of the city as the capital of a Palestinian state.
2017/12/13 - 19:50