Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Hate crimes against Palestinians in occupied territories continues
Vandals painted on walls of northern West Bank mosque, they also slash tires in village of Krayot; Palestinian media report olive trees uprooted in separate incident.
2018/10/11 - 11:01
Israel approves construction of ۶۵۰ new settler units near Ramallah
Israeli officials have approved plans for the construction of hundreds of new housing units at a settlement in the central part of the occupied West Bank irrespective of the international outcry against the Tel Aviv regime’s land expropriation and settlement expansion policies in the occupied Palestinian territories.
2018/8/21 - 23:30
Arab Association chief: Israeli settlement development undermine peace
The Arab League chief has censured Israel’s plan to build new settler units in occupied East Jerusalem al-Quds, saying such land grab policies, which defy UN resolution, undermine peace.
2017/10/27 - 14:02
Rally against settlements, separation wall in West Bank
Dozens of Palestinians have staged protest rallies across the occupied West Bank, denouncing the construction of Israeli settlements and a separation wall.
2017/2/18 - 12:38
Despite UN resolution, Israel will build thousands more settler units
Israel plans to construct thousands more illegal settler units on occupied Palestinian territory in flagrant defiance of a recent UN Security Council resolution, which decried the Tel Aviv regime’s policy of settlement expansion and demanding the halt of such activities.
2016/12/26 - 16:30
Nearly ۱۰۰ Israeli settlers break into al-Aqsa Mosque
At least ۵۸ Israeli settlers, escorted by police officers, stormed the plazas of the holy al-Aqsa Mosque the third holiest site in Islam.
2016/12/4 - 21:43
Nearly ۱۰۰ Israeli settlers break into al-Aqsa Mosque
Nearly a hundred Israeli settlers have once again stormed the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the Old City of Jerusalem al-Quds amid simmering tensions between Israeli military forces and Palestinian protesters in the occupied territories.
2016/11/28 - 15:40
Israeli troops demolish three Palestinian homes in al-Quds
Israeli troops have razed to the ground at least three houses in East Jerusalem al-Quds, in the latest demolition of Palestinian property in the occupied territories.
2016/10/27 - 13:18
Israeli settler runs over Palestinian family in West Bank
An Israeli settler in a car has run over a Palestinian family of three members in the occupied West Bank, leaving them injured.
2016/10/26 - 12:49
Israeli forces demolish more Palestinian homes
Bulldozers escorted by Israeli troops have destroyed buildings near an industrial park north of al-Quds (Jerusalem), in the latest demolition of Palestinian property in the occupied territories.
2016/7/21 - 17:11