Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Al-Nujaba Movement: US wants a weak state in Iraq
Spokesman for the Islamic resistance movement al-Nujaba said that the United States wants a weak state in Iraq and its forces to remain in this country.
2018/8/21 - 01:30
Expert: US using Daesh threat to remain in Iraq
The United States seeks to keep the Daesh terrorist group as a “viable threat” in order to maintain its military presence in Iraq, says an expert.
2018/8/19 - 22:03
Iran’s IRGC disbands terror team on Iraq border, kills ۱۱ members
Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says it has disbanded a team of terrorists on the country’s border with Iraq, killing ۱۱ of its members.
2018/8/11 - 22:00
The French ambassador visited the holy shrine of Imam Ali
, French ambassador to Iraq, and head of Middle East Directorate in the embassy had the honor of visiting the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali (a.s.).
2018/7/15 - 02:00
The German ambassador in Iraq Had the honor of visiting the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali (A.S)
Mr. Cyrill Nunn, the German Ambassador to Iraq, had the honor of visiting the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali (A.S).
2018/7/14 - 22:31
Turkish forces ‘neutralize’ ۱۸ PKK terrorists in Turkey, hit their bases in Iraq
Turkish security and gendarmerie forces have “neutralized” more than two dozen members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militant group when they carried out a string of counter-terrorism operations in the country’s southeastern provinces of Diyarbakir, Sirnak and Osmaniye.
2018/7/12 - 01:00
MP: US training ۸,۰۰۰ Daeshis for terrorism in Iraq
An Iraqi lawmaker said the US is currently training some ۸,۰۰۰ members of Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) in Syria for carrying out terrorist operations in Iraq.
2018/6/26 - 01:00
Iraqi Christian leader: Iran, source of security in Iraq
Iran is a source of peace and security in Iraq and the entire region, according to a senior Iraqi Christian leader. // Iran wants all the followers of different religions to live together in peace.
2018/6/19 - 04:30
Group Quran contest for women concludes in Iraq
The ۳rd edition of a group Quran competition for Iraqi women in the holy month of Ramadan was organized by the Dar-ol-Quran center of Imam Hussein's (a.s.) holy shrine.
2018/6/15 - 00:00
Iraq's citizen death toll drops by nearly ۸۰ percent
Two reports suggested that civilian death toll from violence in Iraq has dropped significantly this year, a sign the country is emerging from years of militant-led bloodshed.
2018/6/11 - 02:30