Thursday, April 25, 2019
The head of the international affairs directorate of holy shrine:
​The presence of ۱۵,۰۰۰ European tourists in holy shrine of lady Fatima al-Ma’suma (A.S) in the last eight months
The head of the international affairs directorate of holy shrine mentioned hosting different services to more than ۷۵,۰۰۰ international tourists and pilgrims over the last eight months.
2018/12/4 - 17:12
Ayatollah Arafi on the path of Najaf to Karbala:
​Arbaeen represents the integrity and unity of Islam and a civilized act / we have a duty to protect this symbol
Director general of the Islamic Seminaries in Iran said: " Arbaeen is the manifestation of the integration and unity in Islam and is a civilized act that has been cultivated with divine grace in these years and we have a duty to protect this symbol."
2018/10/31 - 10:58
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2018/8/29 - 19:00
Along with "dust clearing" ritual in holy shrine:
“Virtue Messengers” conference in holy shrine of Hazrat Fatemeh Masoumeh (A.S)
Director general of public relations and advertising of the holy shrine of Ahlul bayt (A.S) announced starting the conference "Virtue Messengers" along with "dust clearing" ritual in holy shrine in the presence of the media in the shrine of Hazrat Fatemeh Masoumeh (A.S).
2018/8/16 - 22:19
Deputy of center for international affairs of Astan Quds Razavi,
International activities of Astan Quds are pursued in "Scientific", "Cultural" and "Economic" spheres
Deputy of the Center for International Affairs of Astan Quds Razavi said, Astan Quds Razavi pursues its international activities in three spheres: science, culture and economics,
2018/6/2 - 20:20
French Shias visited Imam Reza (A.S.) holy shrine
A group of Shia from Lyon, France went on pilgrimage of Hazrat Ali Ibn Musa al-Reza (A.S.), thanks to the endeavors of Astan Quds Razai’s Center for International Affairs.
2018/4/18 - 17:30
The most prominent activities of Razavi Civil Holding in ۲۰۱۷
Managing Director of the Civil Holding of Razavi Economic Organization, described the most significant measures undertaken by the Holding in ۲۰۱۷.
2018/4/6 - 03:00
Holy Shrine of Imam Ali (as) completes ۸۵% of the electric station
The competent engineering staffs of the station stated that it will be operated in the mid of ۲۰۱۸.
2018/3/7 - 01:25
Intellectual meeting under the aegis of Imam Ali holy shrine (as) started
Activities of the sixth intellectual meeting for the representatives of the holy shrines in the Islamic world started.
2018/2/22 - 02:30
Ayatollah Mirbaqeri:
The greatest trials in history have been suffered by Lady Fatimah
The representative of the people of Alborz province in the Assembly of Experts emphasized that the greatest trials in human history were suffered by Lady Fatimah.
2018/2/22 - 00:00